New Mobile Gambling App from Microgaming

Microgaming is one of the most innovative online gambling manufacturers on the market. The company has not only created some of the world’s most popular online slots machines; it is also a leader in mobile gambling technology. Spin3, a sister company to Microgaming, offered players a wide range of mobile slots and casino games; now, Microgaming is launching a new mobile gambling platform.

Android Air is a new mobile gambling application that will be available to mobile users on smartphone and tablet computer devices. It will be the first time that Microgaming players will be able to download a casino suite to their mobile phones.

When the app launches, there will be 8 games available and the company will add 12 more titles over the next few months. Games will include online slots, blackjack and video poker. The new application will also provide players with an improved lobby and new banking system.

Microgaming already has one of the most successful histories in the mobile gambling market, and now the company is ready to expand its reach. According to a spokesperson for the company, Microgaming’s new application will have a significant impact on the mobile casino market, prompting other casino developers to get involved in the mobile industry.

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