SA Government Uses NZ Lotto Website As An Example

Earlier this year, the New Zealand Lottery Commission announced that residents would be able to take part in lottery games online. Many gaming experts wondered why the idea hadn’t been thought up sooner while others wondered when the idea would spread to other parts of Australasia. Now, it seems that it finally has, as the South Australian government has announced plans to launch its own online lottery website.

The new lottery website will allow local residents to purchase lottery tickets and play scratch cards online. While the NZ Lotto site offers online bingo and online keno, the SA government has not yet confirmed whether the same games will be available on its new website.

This is huge news for the Australian gambling market. While the government has resisted giving in to the online gambling craze for the past ten years, it seems that it is finally giving in. This could be the first step towards a fully-regulated online casino market in Australia, and operators are excited about the possibilities.

The local government has also announced plans to review the Interactive Gaming Act, which is another sign that attitudes towards online gambling could be changing.

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