Scarface Online Slots Coming to a Casino Near You

Scarface is one of the world’s most well-recognized pop culture figures. The movie, starring Al Pacino, remains a huge cult hit. Movie lovers around the world claim the film to be amongst their favourites while Scarface’s quotes have become pop culture staples. Now, the film is being immortalized in a new way – with Net Entertainment’s new Scarface online slots game.

Scarface online slots is a sleek new casino game that features incredible graphics and great winning potential. Players from around the world will enjoy revisiting Tony Montana’s adventures in a brand new setting.

The game features characters from the movie, and each symbol is animated with actual scenes from the film. The reels expand to show full clips from Scarface, enhancing the excitement of the game. It is certainly one of the best-designed slots games on the market today.

There are two separate bonus rounds that players can take part in. The first is a free spins game, in which players are initially awarded 15 free spins. There is also the “Power” bonus game, which re-enacts the final shootout scene, an iconic piece of cinema culture.

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