Former Gaming Commissioner Does Not Support Pokies Funding

In light of recent events, in which Sky City has agreed to build a new conference centre in Auckland, the country’s former Gambling Commission has voice his disapproval of the system. In a recent report by the New Zealand Herald, Peter Chin states that a moral dilemma is created when community groups accept funds from gambling operators.

Chin does not support the idea that gambling activities should fund community programs and events, which became a point of contention while he was in office. He believes that many community groups and organizations depend solely on funding from poker machines. In many cases, they would not be able to survive without it, in which lies the moral dilemma.

“Gambling is a pastime and enjoyment thing – it is here to stay”, says Chin. “Using them as a means to provide community funding – it is difficult.

He believes that the same thing applies when the local government accepts offers from gambling operators to build landmarks, such is the case with Sky City and Auckland city councillors. He wonders if this is an appropriate way for the local community to receive money.

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