New Pokies Law Could Affect Sky City Arrangement

Anti-gambling groups across New Zealand have become outraged at Sky City’s plans to install 500 new poker machines in return for building a new $350 million convention centre in Auckland. However, they may be pleased to know that a new gambling amendment could stop the deal from taking place.

The amendment would allow the general public to have more say about the number of poker machines in their communities. Whereas the decision was previously left up to city councillors and politicians alone, the new law could see the community getting more involved in these matters.

The proposed law comes as a response to the growing concern about the amount of money that poker machines sap from poverty-stricken areas. Community members want to reduce the number of pokies in those areas, but can’t do anything about it. If this bill passes, then things will change.

Should the proposed law be passed as legislation, it would also mean that the Sky City deal will be jeopardized. Members of the general public who are opposed to the plan will be able to have their voices heard, which could ultimately mean a reduction in the number of pokies at Sky City Auckland.

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