New ‘Shoot’ Football Themed Online Slots

Microgaming has released a new branded online slots game based on the popular football magazine ‘Shoot’. It is rare to see an online slots game based on a publication, but Microgaming’s latest title is mostly based on the game of football with a few themes and motifs from the famed football magazine.

Shoot is a 5-reel, 50-payline online slots game, so there are plenty of chances for players to win big. With this many paylines, players can make a number of different wagers to maximize their chances of hitting the 50 000-credit jackpot prize. The prize that is up for grabs is pretty substantial, so we highly recommend trying this game out and vying for the jackpot.

There is a fun trading-card bonus game, which will certainly evoke some nostalgia. When the bonus game is triggered, you are presented with 12 trading cards featuring some of the most famous football players. You get to choose 4 cards which will reveal generous bonus prizes. There is also a Magazine Bonus, which works in a similar fashion. You will keep picking up magazines off the floor until the red card appears, so you can obtain more prizes than you would from the Trading Card Bonus game.

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