PM Misleading Public About Sky City Pokies

To make the Sky City convention centre deal more palatable to the general public, Prime Minister John Key has said a number of things. While many of his promises have been proven to be empty, his latest claim is also being combated. He has stated that no new poker machines will be added to the country, as the new machines Sky City will receive makes up for the loss of several during the past year.

If you haven’t already heard, the Sky City convention centre deal will see the casino operator build the $350 million venue in return for new poker machines. Key has agreed that 483 new poker machines will be given to Sky City Auckland, since the same number of pokies were removed from New Zealand in 2011.

What he failed to mention is that nearly half of those poker machines were lost in the Christchurch earthquake, rather than being removed to benefit the community. It should also be noted that casino pokies take in much more money than club pokies.

According to experts, Sky City pokies bring in $140 000 every year while club pokies generate just $30 000. Casino pokies are also available all day long and every day of the week, presenting the potential for more harm.

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