Sky City Sends Promotional Texts to Problem Gambler

Sky City’s exclusion program is meant to ban patrons with addiction problems from its casinos. However, one individual claims that she has been lured back to the casino via text messages from Sky City, announcing various promotions from the casino operator.

Selina and Richard Watson were barred from several Sky City locations after spending close to $50 million as VIP gamblers. The couple had stolen from their employers to fund their habit and Sky City finally caught on to their harmful behaviour. The couple were supposed to be excluded for two years, but Selina has received a number of texts from the casino inviting her back.

According to Selina Watson, she received two texts which seemed to ‘lure’ her back to the casino. One announced a $50 000 sweepstakes draw while another presented a VIP gambler promotion. Internal Affairs has recently gotten involved, encouraging other barred gamblers to come forward if they have also received these text messages.

Sky City Casinos claims that the texts were not sent intentionally, stating that a computer glitch was behind them. The operator has since apologized to the couple; however, it still faces action from the Department of Internal Affairs.

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