Casinos Should Have Financial Moral Obligation

Earlier this year, Richard Watson was discovered to have stolen $5.4 million from his employer to feed his gambling habit. Over the course of a decade, he and his wife spent $50 million on gambling activities. Watson was jailed and his employer will never recover his losses – and politicians believe that something must be done to support the victims of gambling theft.

It is a rare occurrence that someone would still thousands or millions of dollars from a family member or employee to feed their gambling habit. However, it does happen. Just like any other addiction, those affected will do whatever it takes to continue to indulge. However, those that they steal from never see their money again – and The Greens do not think that’s fair.

According to Denise Roche, a spokesperson for The Greens, she believes that victims of addiction theft should be compensated in some way by the casino operator. Since the casino is the only one to benefit from the situation, it should be obligated to help business and individuals who have been stolen from to get back on their feet.

Leader of the Mana Party, Hone Harawira, believes that this is a great idea. He has shown his support, stating that casinos should have a moral obligation to victims of gambling addiction and hopes that other politicians will agree.

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