Protest Organized Against Illegal Pokies

Today, the Mana Party has organized a protest against a Galaxy, a fast-food restaurant in Otara that has been illegally operating poker machines. The licenses of the poker machines were suspended eight months ago but the venue was allowed to continue operating the games, and the Mana Party hopes to put an end to this.

In December 2011, the Department of Internal Affairs discovered that the fast-food restaurant was operating 18 poker machines illegally. While the license was suspended, the company is allowed to keep the pokies up and running until an official hearing is held.

It has been eight months so far, and the public is getting impatient. So, the Mana Party will be protesting outside of Galaxy today in hopes that the government will shut down the illegal pokies. They are currently taking in $48 000 each every year, and the public believes that the pokies and the operator should not benefit while operating illegally.

This is yet another example of suspended poker machines continuing operation. It is a sign that betting monitoring systems are required in order to ensure that gaming machines without valid licenses are unable to operate until they rectify the situation.

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