JetPot Slots Brings Something New to Social Gambling

The world of social gambling is developing rapidly. IGT’s entry into the market has prompted other developers to step up their game in order to compete with the powerhouse of Double Down Casino on Facebook Games. Streamrec plans on doing just that with the release of its new Facebook game JetPot slots, which puts a new twist on social gambling.

When it comes to social gaming, titles should be fresh and unique, attracting a wide range of players. JetPot slots appeals across the board as it features the universally-popular theme of travel. The games in JetPot slots are travel-based, featuring different destinations from around the world. Most slots and casino apps are not focused on one particular theme, which sets JetPot apart from the competition.

What’s great about this application is that there is a great deal of shareable content that players can take advantage of. Rather than simply offering players the chance to invite and compete with friends, they can share their progress in unique ways. For example, each time a player unlocks a new destination, they can share it with their friends via postcard. It is certainly something new and unique in the world of social gambling.

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