GameSys Launches First Real-Money Bingo App for Facebook

GameSys, the operator behind Jackpot Joy online casino, has made a ground-breaking development in the social networking world. The company has recently launched the first-ever real-money online bingo application for Facebook, which will certainly change the face of social gaming forever.

Bingo Friendzy is the new game, offering players the exact same online bingo experience they would find at any other website – but with the convenience of being offered on Facebook. Now, online bingo fans will have all of their online activities in one place, as they can take part in games on the same site they use to connect with their friends.

There are some great social gaming features available on Bingo Friendzy that you just won’t find on other online bingo games. In addition to offering players access to impressive cash prizes and community progressive jackpots, Bingo Friendzy also allows players to share their progress on their Facebook walls and invite friends via the Facebook application platform.

With real-money gambling now available on Facebook, operators must be careful of underage and illegal gambling. As such, a number of safeguards have been employed, ensure that underage players cannot access the game while restricting players outside of the legal jurisdiction.

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