Aristocrat Slots Feature New Bonus Awards

When it comes to creating slot machines, it seems like everything has already been done. So, it is up to modern poker machine developers to think up new and innovative ways to engage slot machine players. That’s exactly what Aristocrat has done with its new nRich bonus award system.

Most slot machines have pre-defined awards for their bonuses. For example, players must spend a certain amount of money or trigger a certain number of symbols to gain access to various bonus features. While effective, this type of award system deals with players as groups rather than individuals – and Aristocrat is trying something a little bit different.

nRich awards bonuses on an individual basis. What this means is that players are awarded bonuses based on their own personal progress. A meter at the top of the screen measures that players progress and shows them how close they are to getting the next bonus.

This is not only beneficial for players by offering something brand new in the gaming world. It is also great for gaming operators. It keeps players engaged, as they interact with the slot machine in more than one way!

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