New Survey Reveals Habits of New Zealand Lottery Winners

Winning the lottery is an event that has the potential to change the lives of big jackpot winners. However, a new survey, which examines the habits of New Zealand lottery winners, has discovered that most winners do not change very much about their lives.

According to the new study, most winners are content to continue working for a living. It is a common belief that lottery-made millionaires would quit their jobs; however, 84% of lottery winners in New Zealand have continued on in their jobs. Only a small percentage quit their jobs while the remainder continued working but in different fields.

Another important discovery was how lottery winners decided to spend the money. We all know that buying a car and a home are high up on winners’ lists of things-to-do – but what else do they spend their winnings on? It turns out that most winners are quite generous, with 52% donating to charity and 64% using their winnings to help out their loved ones.

When it comes to how winners feel about their jackpot, most are generally content. The study found that over half of respondents were happier since winning the lottery while 17% felt more at ease thanks to their financial security.

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