Mobile Gaming Taking Over the App Market

The online gaming market has spent the past few years growing and thriving. With the rapid advancement of computer and mobile technology, an increasing number of opportunities have opened up for developers. Online games have thus become increasingly sophisticated, and mobile titles have become increasing accessible. According to research firm NPD, mobile gaming is taking over a large portion of the online gaming market and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.

The research firm carried out a survey of 5,923 respondents in September 2012. The majority of respondents noted that they had become increasingly interested in mobile gaming. More online players are accessing games from their mobile phone, and the study found that this is thanks to an increase in free mobile apps and portability for mobile devices.

As mobile devices become increasingly sophisticated, it is likely that they will replace computers as gaming devices. Players appreciate being able to game on the go, and mobile apps provide them with the ability to do so. It is an important shift that is taking place in the market, as it could phase out gaming platforms with which we have become well-acquainted, such as Nintendos, PlayStations and Xboxes.

According to NPD, these classic consoles will suffer as a result of growing interest in mobile gaming. Handheld consoles like the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS have underperformed recently, as players are opting to use their mobile phones to play games on the go rather than purchase new devices.

It seems that online gambling developers are getting the right idea by paying attention to gaming trends. More and more online casino operators are beginning to offer mobile applications to their players, giving them the opportunity to take part in online slots and other games using their smartphones and tablet computers. Companies like IGT, Microgaming and Aristocrat have launched dozens of mobile games for players to enjoy, showing that they are in tune with what modern gamers want.

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