House MD Online Slots Premiere On Facebook

House MD may be off the air, but you can still experience all of the medical mystery excitement that the series brought you for seven years at Double Down Casino. IGT has based a new online slots game on the popular television series, and it is one of the most highly-anticipated titles of the new year.

House MD online slots is available as a free-play online casino game at Double Down Casino on Facebook. This is one of the few online slots that IGT has created exclusively for the social casino brand, and we are interested in monitoring the game’s success.

Although most casino developers don’t believe that there is much money to be had in the social gaming word, IGT knows better. In addition to presenting potential lucrative opportunities in the future, social gaming provides players with a pressure-free option for spending money on gaming. This is because players can choose to purchase in-game items such as extra credits. They are not forced to dig into their pockets after they have exhausted their budgets, so they are more willing to spend money. It also helps that thousands of credits cost just a few dollars. Advertising revenue is also very lucrative in the social gaming world.

From a player’s perspective, social casino games provide stress-free entertainment. Although they don’t offer the potential to win generous cash prizes, it is also impossible to go broke playing these games, attracting a diverse audience who are simply interested in playing high-quality casino games for free.

House MD offers up this type of experience, providing players with unique and innovative gameplay. IGT has not missed an opportunity to appeal to the television series’ most dedicated fans, with Medical Mystery and Differential Diagnosis bonus rounds that aim to keep players engaged and entertained. There are also several in-game bonuses like wild symbols and scatters that offer up hours of excitement at Double Down online casino.

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