Family Guy Slot Machines Debut at Casinos

Family Guy is arguably the most popular animated series in the history of television. With risqué humour and an audience that consists mainly of adults, Family Guy makes a great online slots theme. Last year, IGT scooped up the rights for the game, which recently made its debut at gambling venues around the world.

IGT has ensured that Family Guy slots offer up an entertaining gaming experience that is based on more than winning cash prizes. The game strives to fully engage players by offering up an extensive list of bonus features and games. So, players will take part in the game for the overall experience rather than simply wagering to win.

Some of the unique features include Classic Cutaway, Family Guy Favourites and Breaking News Bulletin. What is great about these features is that they are based directly on themes and scenes from the show. For example, Family Guy’s humour depends on cutaways and the Classic Cutaway feature plays videos of these iconic scenes. In the Breaking News Bulletin, weatherman Ollie Williams appears to give players the daily credit report.

Players will also be impressed with the vast number of bonus features available. Each main character offers up a unique bonus feature, including Meg’s Multipliers, Stewie’s Random Wilds and Peter’s Random Credits. Each of these bonuses are triggered by the character’s symbols which appear quite often on the reels, so players are in for some very generous bonus prizes.

There are also six separate bonus games, each of which is based on a famous scene from the series. For example, Chris’ Closet bonus deals with the evil money living in his wardrobe. In the Chicken Fight bonus, Peter faces off against the Chicken mascot in a fist fight of epic proportions – and the winner receives generous prizes. Stewie’s World Domination bonus is offered separately from these bonus games, and provides players with the chance to win one of six generous progressive jackpots.

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