Dolphin Treasure

Dolphin Treasure is a great slots title from Aristocrat. The game has been around for quite some time, so it is likely that you have seen it during your travels across New Zealand. It is a popular fixture in land-based gaming clubs and casinos. However, Aristocrat has brought the game into the 21st century by making it into an online slots title, available at a wide range of online casinos across the internet.

This popular casino game is based heavily on the mechanics of the Queen of the Nile slot machine. So, if you’ve encountered this title at any casino before, you are certainly going to know what to expect when playing Dolphin Treasure. And, if you enjoyed Queen of the Nile – even better – you’re going to love this aquatic-themed online slots game.

When Aristocrat designs a slot machine, the company really goes all out in order to ensure that all aspects of the game reflect its theme. From the symbols, to the background, to the sound effects – all of the design feature in Dolphin Treasure are meant to take the player to an underwater oasis.

The game’s symbols feature turtles, dolphins, octopi and buried treasure. The background is a calming underwater scene, beautifully designed by Aristocrat’s team of talented artists.

There are 20 paylines available in Dolphin Treasure, meaning players can win in a wide variety of ways. Paylines do not just go in straight lines; some of them are random patterns on the reels. So, making a winning combination is not as difficult as it can be with other online slots games.

Dolphin Treasure also offers a generous bonus round, in which 10 free spins are granted. Unlike many of Aristocrat’s other online slots games, the free spins round can be retriggered more than once, so players can continue raking in free cash while they spin the reels during the bonus games.

If you haven’t played Dolphin Treasure yet, we highly recommend this title. Seek it out at one of your favourite online casinos and give it a spin.