Located in one of the world’s most iconic party cities, Las Vegas, Bally Technologies is among one of the most popular and prolific games manufacturers in the world. Formerly Alliance Gaming and earlier still known as Advanced Patent Technology, after acquiring Bally Gaming International in 1996, the company finally settled on Bally as a name in 2006, having been established in 1968. Click here to read more.

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Bally quickly became known for its immersive and exciting games made available across a range of formats and platforms. Among its most popular games are Money Wheel, Golden Pharaoh, Cash Wizard, and the flirtatious Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller. Bally has also been widely praised for its incorporation of new technologies including social sharing functionality, GPS-enabled locators and more. A high level of personalisation and customisation is also a prominent feature of Bally games for players, even allowing for different music choices.

Innovation and early origins

Founded by entrepreneurial team Jack Solomon and Alvin Snapper, Bally started life in 1968 as Advanced Patent Technology. The innovation that drives their most recent games could already be seen here in a different form, as the pair had secured patents across a variety of industries and fields, not least in medicine and electronics. After acquiring a large and successful slots operator named the United Coin Machine Company in 1979, Solomon and Snapper’s company took its first steps into the world of gaming and gambling.

Bally Technologies began with a special emphasis on the casino industry and maintains that focus to this day. Beginning with games and machines purely on casino floors, the company would later expand to become one of the most trusted providers in the mobile gaming and gambling sector. However, earlier in the company’s history, Bally made waves by acquiring further respected companies such as Advanced Casino Systems Corporations, MindPlay, Casino Marketplace and more. Not only did their influence in Nevada rapidly expand, but they continued their dominance and expansion overseas too. Bally has now established hubs and research bases in areas such as Europe and India.

Pushing boundaries across mobile gaming platforms

Bally made waves with its popular machines on casino floors all over the country. Games were either new and with original themes or inspired by the most popular television, films, and bands of the day. When it became clear that gamblers wanted and needed a convenient, global platform that they could play from while on the go, Bally was at the forefront of providing a seamless mobile gaming experience. Now the mobile gaming industry is one of the most prized and profitable in the world. It serves thousands of players on a daily basis and is well known for its constant innovation and the need for adaptation. It is a tall order for any company, but Bally was up to the challenge. The mobile apps for gaming and gambling that Bally provides are enjoyed and respected all over the world. In an exceptionally competitive industry with a global impact, Bally was once again making waves—both on the floors of casinos and in the hands of customers with mobile devices. Many of the most popular Bally apps command thousands of downloads a week.

In addition to providing exceptional games that are accessible across a range of platforms and devices, Bally also has two differing types of apps designed exclusively for use by patrons or employees. Patron apps are external facing, for example, and allow casino owners the ability to not only to attract more players but also to improve the overall experience once there. Not only are the most popular games included, but also bonus features such as special offers, interactive maps, a bookings section and more. For employees and staff, internal facing apps help teams to access key information to improve functionality and perform effectively.

Bally has adapted to many of the major challenges and innovations of the mobile gaming industry and continues to provide outstanding products and service, whether on the iPhone, Blackberry, Android tablet or iPad tablet and more.

Acquiring Bally Gaming and forging a future

At a time when the company IGT dominated the market of machine-based slots, Bally felt that there was an excellent opportunity to broaden the market and make games available in a range of formats that were immersive, interactive, and importantly, fun. With an ambitious expansion in mind, however, a merger or acquisition was necessary. Bally and Alliance joined forces and by 1996 had developed three specialist divisions. In 1998, The Bally Systems division, which manufactured systems for casino accounting and management, and Bally Gaming, which made slots machines, merged to become a single section.

A year later, the unique ‘Thrillions’ system was born. Bally launched the progressive jackpot system across a wide area with Betty Boop as a forefront theme, followed later by beloved cartoon character Popeye, and music sensation Blondie.

When the EVO VIDEO game platform launched in partnership with technology giant Microsoft, along with the EVO 3, Bally found the platform unsatisfactory for producing games of the ambition they envisioned. As a response, Bally launched Alpha, based on Sierra’s operating system and an entirely new platform designed to improve the overall experience. The platform strengthened Bally’s portfolio of games and facilitated the release of Hot Shot Progressives. Along with the introduction of several innovative gaming platforms, not least the CineVision wide-screen video gaming device, Hot Shot Progressives became one of the company’s most successful products and biggest sellers.

By 2008, Bally had established a number of bases both at home and abroad including in Europe and in India. The company acquired an impressive supplier of global games, SHFL Entertainment in 2013 and went on to win several awards, including two mentions in the coveted annual Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products.

Leading the way

From expertise in a variety of patent areas in medicine and electronics to gaining gaming industry recognition by winning awards and accolades, Bally is one of the most respected and recognisable brands in the gaming industry. With its commitment to innovation and excellence in technology and the development of fun, enjoyable, and immersive games, it continues to be a brand leader and favourite among clients and peers alike.