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About Cadillac Jack slots

Although Cadillac Jack started out under its own banner, it was acquired by Amaya Gaming, one of the big players in the online gaming market, before being absorbed into AGS, also known as American Gaming Systems. With such a powerhouse behind them, the developers and designers at Cadillac Jack will almost certainly increase their output over the coming months and years, with the potential to convert some of their land-based slots cabinet titles into online versions.

Unlike many of the modern online slots game developers, Cadillac Jack slots aren’t all about pushing technology as far as it can go. Although there is a keen audience for ground-breaking online slots games, there is still a hardcore of fans who prefer their slots games served up with a hefty helping of tradition. Cadillac Jack has managed to tap into that market by providing a small collection of games that won’t win any industry awards for innovation, yet will still attract a huge fanbase of players who care more about the fun and playability of a game, rather than its ability to push the boundaries of what is possible.

As many online slots developers have already discovered, to their cost, huge, bulky downloads and feature-rich games that don’t load properly are nothing but an annoyance. No slots player wants their game to be interrupted by buffering or disjointed gameplay. That’s why you’ll find that Cadillac Jack uses the HTML5 platform for all of its online slots games. The platform works beautifully across all devices, so you can enjoy playing your favourite Cadillac Jack slots on mobile and tablet, and they’ll look and play every bit as well as on the larger screen sizes of your desktop and laptop computers.

Play Cadillac Jack slots with no registration and no deposit

As you might expect, here at Online Slots NZ we simply can’t get enough of online slots games. But as keen fans ourselves, we understand only too well the frustration of trying out a new game that you’ve never played before at an online casino. Not only do you have to sign up to a membership package, but you also have to deposit funds too, which can be set against each game that you play. That’s fine when you know all the ins and outs of a game, as you can plan your wagering strategy accordingly, but when it’s a game that you’ve never played before, it can be a steep - and expensive - learning curve!

That’s why we set out to create a place where keen players and newbies alike, can try out games, discovering all the elements of gameplay and enjoying the various features on offer, without any financial outlay whatsoever. You don’t have to sign up to a membership package, or part with any personal details at all, for that matter. And you certainly don’t need to deposit any money or spend any of your hard-earned cash as you play the titles on our site.

Choose one of the Cadillac Jack slots games and start playing straight away, discovering how volatile it is. Use the virtual balance provided with each game to establish what betting strategy works best for you - will you be a high roller and go for broke? Or are you a more cautious player, preferring to bet small as you try to rack up numerous wins of a lower value? Whether you want to play free demo slots purely for fun, or you want to hone your skills before trying your luck at an online casino, we give you the opportunity to play all of your favourite games as much as you like, and at no risk. So whether you love gentle, laid-back Nature Slots, or crave high-action adventure, you’ll find something to suit you perfectly somewhere within our site.

Our favourite Cadillac Jack slots

We love Cadillac Jack slots thanks to their basic construction, which means less time spent studying the games, and more time spent enjoying them. Experienced player or newbie, we highly recommend that you give the following titles a whirl.

Double the Devil

Devil’s don’t always have to be bad, and in the case of Double the Devil, the cute little red character is firmly on the side of the player. Featuring a delightful Free Spins Bonus round, in which, as the game’s title suggests, everything is doubled, this is a fast-paced game that’s kept simple, but looks stunning.

Legend of the White Buffalo

Taking a North American Indian theme, in acknowledgement of the company’s roots, Legend of the White Buffalo is visually appealing, with an interesting and unusual 3x4x4x4x3 grid layout, packed with symbols relating to the theme. Free spins and additional bonus rounds add to the fun and enjoyment of this beautifully crafted game.