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Fuga Slots background

With over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, Fuga Gaming is no stranger to providing punters with exciting and entertaining products. The British-owned company based in London already boasts an impressive portfolio of popular, global land-based casino products, with over 70 in total.

Fuga Slots

Although Fuga Gaming is more widely known for its vast range of land-based games, the company appreciates that increasing numbers of people are eager to switch to online slots. With this in mind, the brand has started to enter the online arena with its Fuga Slots games.

Future of Gaming

The Fuga Gaming brand centres its ethos around the "future of gaming". Although the company is proud of its many achievements to date, it is firmly fixed on looking ahead to steer the company in the right direction.

For Fuga, the future is very much about developing Fuga Slots further and ensuring that more and more punters are able to play its catalogue of games on desktop computers, along with mobile and tablet devices.


Fuga Gaming is certainly not one of the bigger names you will come across in the gaming industry, but it has got sizeable ambitions. In order to fulfil these goals, the privately-owned company has teamed up with a number of partners to capitalise on their wisdom, to enable the business to expand and grow into new areas and markets.

In particular, Fuga Gaming has joined up with UMA Premium Group, a software company with an impressive games development team who are already a big hit in Italy.

To ensure a smooth transition into the online market, Fuga Gaming also struck up a partnership with Odobo Gaming in 2014. This pairing will enable more of Fuga's land-based games to be available as online Fuga Slots, making use of HTML5.


Fuga Slots tend to be geared toward five-reel video slots. With a highly creative in-house development team, the brand has put together some interesting and unique games that reflect the personality of the business. Expect to find plenty of 3D graphics infused into the games, along ample features for compelling game play. Although the 3D graphics employed might not be as advanced as those offered by some other gaming developers, there are enough action and bonus features to overshadow this minor imperfection. Some games are also available using 2D graphics.

Customised service

In addition to focusing on the future of gaming, Fuga is also all about ensuring customers get the service that best suits their individual needs. With this mind, the company offers a customised gaming service, adapting its products to fit in with a particular country's language or any governing regulations. Fuga Gaming also tweaks its products to enable games to be installed according to various hardware specifications.

A changing company

As Fuga Gaming continues to move into the online Fuga Slots arena and base its ethos on future development, it is clear that this is not a company that will stand still for long. In a competitive gaming market, these are attributes that will ensure Fuga continues to thrive.

Available games

Fuga Slots games include 3 Elements and Bat Family.

3 Elements enjoys an archaeology theme, where the main character is an Indiana-Jones style woman named Glory whose quest is to dig for treasure. There is plenty of bonus action in this game, enabling it to stand out from other Ancient Egypt-inspired games. For example, a glowing skull bonus game awards you with three rounds of free spins. Suitable for play on all devices, this game also scores highly when it comes to offering quality graphics.

Bat Family focuses on vampires residing in a Gothic castle. If you are a fan of The Munsters or The Addams Family, this game will be right up your street. Exuding horror and humour in equal measures, this mobile-optimised game provides plenty of options for winning. Expect to find lots of free spins, random multiplying characters and a bonus game.

There are lots of other gaming opportunities to try out from Fuga. Most of these are based on character-based themes with historical, novelty or geographical settings, rather than Sports Slots, for example. Most of the company's land-based games have been designed to enable progressive jackpots, keeping those who like to bet big happy.

Some of the most popular games from Fuga include Just a Game, which is rich with bonuses and features, along with Polar Picnic, which is highly prized for its 3D graphics. Gamers who like a magical twist will enjoy Witchcraft, which also has lots of tantalising cash prizes, while those seeking a retro-style game with a contemporary flavour will find Fruit-O-Matic just the ticket.

In addition to offering great visuals, Fuga Gaming makes a point of including lots of features and payout potential in its myriad of games.

Responsible gaming

As you would expect from any reputable gaming company, Fuga Gaming prioritises responsible gaming. It is fully licensed to ensure punters are protected and are given a safe and fair gaming experience, whatever device the player chooses to use.