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Genesis slots - do they have a recognisable style?

It is hard to pin down a particular Genesis style because it makes such a wide range of Video Games Slots. There are those who say that the layout is always similar, and we tend to agree. Let's look at some of the favourite slot genres and see how Genesis titles perform and what it is that has people coming back for more.

Whereas Playtech has made a speciality of designing slots based on successful TV shows and NetEnt uses music a lot for inspiration, Genesis is a bit more individual when it comes to picking themes for its slots. As an example, Machine Gun Unicorn sounds crazy!

You will no doubt have heard of Bier Fest, Attack of the Zombies, Jason's Quest and SuperWilds, all of which are mega-popular Genesis titles.

Gameplay and volatility in Genesis slots

Genesis gameplay can verge on the routine sometimes, with the themes compensating for the reuse of the same game mechanics. You will find scatters, free spins and wilds a-plenty, but these are in nearly every game by every developer. Genesis uses features such as multipliers quite a lot less than other games houses; on the other hand, to ramp up the tension, Genesis uses medium to high volatility games quite a lot. This means bigger wins that are less evenly spaced out.

All the Genesis titles are playable on mobile and tablet. Part of the reason for the Genesis reliance on fairly standard game layouts may be that it wants the games to play well on mobiles. Genesis is a fairly young company, founded in 2008, so it has always designed for mobile. The graphics and sound are every bit as good on a phone as they are on a tablet or PC, but the controls are different; for example, the spin button and the game controls are generally positioned on the right rather than below the play area.

In 2015, Genesis obtained its UK Gambling Commission licence; since then, there has been no holding it back in the UK market. Let's take a look at some of its best - and barmiest - titles available when you play free slots.

Genesis slots - is Machine Gun Unicorn completely mad?

This is probably the best title ever for getting you jaded slotsters to sit up, rub your eyes and wonder what was in the tea you just drank. OK, stay with us, as it gets barmier. The storyline is that zombies have invaded Ponyland. If you remember My Little Pony, much beloved of little girls 20 years ago, this is My Little Unicorn with attitude!

We have a zombie's head in a jar, as you do, and some very cute little unicorns toting a range of lethal weapons as they skip about in their homeland, which is full of fluffy cloud houses and pretty blue trees. We have been looking for a Genesis Gaming signature that marks out their games from the rest, and completely off the wall ideas might well be it.

Just to prove that it can do a unicorn title without major bloodshed, you could try Unicorn Grove. This is a set of really lovely images, with not an exploding zombie head in sight. If this is a bit of a disappointment, try Attack of the Zombies - you will love it.

Popular Genesis titles

Fortune Turtle is one of the most popular Genesis titles. This may be down to the calming serenity of the soundtrack or to the universal theme of good fortune and lucky experiences. The slot is designed around a Japanese garden. There are cascading reels, a multi-cascade where an extra symbol turns wild, and a coin counter to clock up your extra winnings.

Jason's Quest is the story from ancient myths. Jason went in search of the golden fleece for reasons that escape us right now; anyway, he was dead set on finding it and travelled here, there and everywhere searching for it. This slot has a great soundtrack, which is very melodic and punctuated by the melancholy cries of seagulls - well, he was at sea for years at a time!

Genesis is not going to be outplayed by any other games house when it comes to its knowledge of mythology, so all the usual suspects are here - Poseidon, Jason's wife Medea, and - of course - Circe, who could turn men into pigs. The game within the slot involves collecting gems and fighting the hydra-headed monster.

From Gothic to horror, cartoon mayhem, wildlife, myths, space and plain funny slots, Genesis has an amazing portfolio of subjects and styles when it comes to slots. It would be great to see it experimenting in the future with different types of gameplay.