Habanero systems is a pioneering Slots design specialist who has quietly taken the market by stealth, winning fans from far and wide for their superb graphics, innovative vision and quirky gaming savvy. Click here to read more.


It may not be a household name, yet, but Habanero is behind some of the most exciting new releases in the Slots machine world over the last few years. For a relative newcomer, its selection is extensive and eclectic, with themes ranging from witches and vikings to dragons and unicorns. Not to mention a Greek god or two. Many of the games designed by Habanero have impressive 3D graphics, and its Slots are adapted for smartphones and tablets. The company can more than meet the standards set by the masters of the industry, and definitely add a powerful charm all of their own to the range of Slots machines now available for spinners around the world to enjoy online.

Casino software package

Habanero has taken the additional step of offering a casino software solutions package which has been taken up by a couple of online casinos, namely Club Gold Casino and the Chinese site Thrillion City. The benefit of making the whole package of games available to be enjoyed at these online casinos is that it makes the complete process safe and secure, with the casino being able to easily keep track of data. Player transaction history, progressive jackpots and loyalty programmes can be managed using the software. Club Gold Casino exclusively stocks Habanero games, whereas Thrillion City also hosts other suppliers. It is expected that the software package will become more popular as the games get more and more online exposure, and soon Habanero games will be up there with the industry stalwarts in terms of sustained casino presence.

History of Habanero

Habanero was founded in 2012. Its four strategically placed offices in Johannesburg, Manila, Sofia and Kiev enables the company to provide a unique and reliable customer experience to both the European and the Asian betting market. On route to world domination, Habanero has managed to market their unique products remarkably successfully, standing up well to the industry giants like NextGen. One of the great advantages reasonably new players like Habanero have over more established Slots designers is that their home-spun games retain a freshness and edge that fans love. This quality can often be lacking in the offerings of larger, more successful companies.

Cosmopolitan qualities

Another lovely touch that differentiates this young company from some of the dinosaurs, is that it is super willing to please its potential customers and be inclusive to everyone. Its games are adapted to be played on a large variety of different devices, and they can be enjoyed in a truly global range of languages, from Russian to Indonesian. Instructions are available across the language range, too, and many different currencies are accepted, making it easy to adapt the pokies to different countries and regions. Obviously, this increases the potential client base and goes a long way towards promoting the Slots as some of the most popular games now available on online betting forums.

Spinning surprises

The range of games from such a small supplier is truly remarkable. As well as familiar Slots themes like Gold Rush and 12 Zodiacs, there are also some imaginative and playful titles like Cashosaurus and Sir Blingalot.

Habanero games tend to be based on a five reel setup. Most of the games contain impressive features such as wilds, generous multipliers and exciting bonus features like the duelling beasts in Dragon’s Throne, battling it out for the chance to award you a free spin. Golden Unicorn is another classic legend-based pokie from Habanero. Its beautiful, fantasy inspired graphics are second to none and reminiscent of childhood fairytales. Designed to resemble an old- fashioned real life pokie machine, its setup is simple but its jackpot is huge. All the Habanero games have information pages detailing how to play, and these are available in different languages to make the games accessible and understandable in many different regions. It is these nice little touches which make Habanero’s games the pleasure they truly are to spin.

Most of Habanero’s releases also include a progressive jackpot, which maximises any winnings and makes taking part even more exciting and rewarding. In addition to its more classic pokie games with features which appeal to die-hard Slots machine fans, Habanero has a number of more lighthearted and fun releases to appeal to novices and those who just want to play for fun. Weird Science is a great example, with symbols involving toxic materials, scientific equipment, and a deranged looking purple octopus for a unique and bizarre Slots experience. The Italian cuisine themed Tower of Pizza is another barrel of laughs, featuring funny waiters, cliched music and an abundance of vino rosso. Another particularly unique design is Bombs Away, which is a fantastic period piece, transporting players back in time to the 1940s with all the trappings of a well-researched historical vignette.

More than just a pokie face

Habanero is best known for its Slots but did you know they also provide online versions of several popular casino table games like poker and baccarat? There are seven different releases which are compatible with smartphones and tablets, including Sic Bo, 3 Hand Blackjack, All American Poker, Joker Poker and European Roulette.

Onward and upward

Habanero is an innovative and dedicated online gaming provider with excellent customer service and a deep creative flair. It has a fantastic selection of myth, legend, history and fantasy inspired Slots games with visually stunning graphics which inspire players to keep the reels spinning. It also has a great collection of more cheeky and fun releases which keep even the least experienced beginner entertained, and provide a great introduction to the world of online pokie machines. Its well designed casino package and their forays into other aspects of casino play are all signs of great things to come and their international outlook promises that Habanero has a bright future in the world of online gaming.