High 5 is a leading content creator in the games industry; if you have been playing slots for a while, you are bound to have heard of it. Before developing High 5 Casino, High 5 produced a variety of online games that went on to achieve widespread popularity. It has now imposed as successful a presence with its slots and plays a dominant role in the market. What gives the company its distinct trademark is its high standard of graphics and inventive concepts. The team at High 5 includes software engineers, mathematicians and programmers who develop the artistic platforms that create the imaginative spectacles of slots such as Noah’s Ark and Da Vinci Diamonds. Click here to read more.


With a library of over 300 games, High 5 Casino has created slots classics such as Black Widow and Golden Goddess that continue to top the most-played lists. What has made High 5 a premier competitor in the online gaming market is the way in which each slots is designed individually and with a detailed script. While you can see the style of High 5 translated through the games, there is limited repetition, with each slots offering an exclusive experience. It puts a high level of detail into its mathematics, art design and technology structure, which can be seen clearly as you play its games.

Premier features

The features of High 5’s slots are greatly respected in the industry and have set a trend that has been followed by other gaming creators. These features include tumbling reels, split symbols, super stacks and super symbols, which all involve exciting chances for players to achieve massive wins. Tumbling reels offer multiple winning possibilities on a single spin, while split symbols increase the chance of the same symbols appearing on a payline. Super stacks and super symbols mean that High 5 slots have plenty of stacked and regular symbols. With all these features available, it is not surprising that the company’s games have gained a reputation for being engaging with fantastic cash opportunities. There are countless other features and bonuses available through the range of slots, such as 3 for 1, all-stacks, and a B-O-N-U-S multiplier.

Inclusive gaming

High 5 has strived to make a slots for everyone. In addition to its creative offerings, it offers the more traditional classics of roulette and blackjack. To further increase accessibility, the gaming developers have specialised in providing free slots to enable their audience to enjoy all the thrills of their games without the risk of losing real money. There is also the chance for real money gaming if players want to add this element to the game. The real money gambling options have proved to be wildly popular and while these can provide fantastic rewards, High 5 has shown an awareness of gambling dangers by setting limits on many of its slots.

The first games

High 5 had been established since 1995 before releasing its first online slots in 2002. Its first major hit came in the form of Pick 5 Poker, which was released in 1996 and saw a wave of traditional blackjack and poker releases from High 5. From 1999 came several game releases licensed by Bally, which are still played with popularity today. These include games such as Hot Hot Hot and the Heist. The gaming company started producing slots as it felt that slots machines in casinos were becoming boring and outdated. The world of online slots offered a fresh new spin on the online betting community.

Worldwide success

High 5 has achieved international success in over 50 countries and six continents and launched its first Asian casino, Shake the Sky, in 2013. Shake the Sky made history by becoming the first social casino to be specifically targeted to the Asian market through its themes and artwork. High 5’s strategy has seen it grow to employ more than 200 workers and while the company is based in New-York, it also has American offices in New Jersey and Kansas and a UK office in London.

A crucial part of its success and the rise of its reputation has been through licensing its games to big-name brands. It has been able to reach a large audience with the help of its highly-respected partners in the casino industry, such as Virgin Casino, Golden Nugget Casino and CAESARS Casino. In addition to being available online, High 5’s slots can be found at a variety of land-based casinos and this has been a large factor in securing their widespread appeal. Its remote gaming server, Vault, has made its content available in several casinos in both New Jersey and Europe.

A social media sensation

With the evolution of social media, Facebook has proved to be an incredibly successful platform for the company, which has achieved more than eight million downloads on the site. High 5 is currently the leading free online slots providers on Facebook since launching in 2012 and shows no signs of slowing down. Over 100 premium slots are available on Facebook and High 5 Casino is now one of the top three grossing casino apps.

High 5 has generated a catalogue of accolades from principal award organisations in the gaming industry. Noah’s Ark was named Online Game of the Year by the International Game Technology in 2010; in addition, High 5 has won several awards from Electronic Gaming Review, including North America Best New Game 2015 and 2016 and Social Casino Product of the Year 2014. Awards from the American Gaming Association include Best Communication Award for Website 2014 and Best Communications Plan 2012, and High 5 was even named Best Manufacturer of the Year by ICE Total Gaming in 2013.

Modern gaming

High 5 promotes accessible gaming for the modern age and has created its slots so that they can be played on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. All games transport the high-quality gaming experience to flexible devices for you to play at your convenience.