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A modern approach

As mobile and tablet gaming increasingly become the go-to platforms for those looking for free slots, iGaming2Go slots go with the trend by creating games fully optimised for iOS, Android, Windows or any other operating system, as well as ensuring they are still playable on a more old-school desktop device.

HTML5 operating systems remove the need for a Flash player in order to enjoy iGaming2Go slots, making their range of high-quality games available to play easily on any device, without the need to have other software already downloaded.

This software is hugely versatile and compatible with nearly all operating systems, as well as allowing longer gameplay on a range of devices.

iGaming2Go slots also utilise Simple Object Access Protocol messages, which link iGaming2Go software with the host casino’s own web-based framework. This enables players to create a single account and log on, free of charge, to play iGaming2Go slots on any device, whilst customer privacy is maintained at all times.

As gameplay commences, iGaming2Go’s engine works seamlessly in the background to maintain real-time balance updates and ensure their RNG (Random Number Generators) operate consistently to ensure truly random outcomes on every spin.

White Label product

iGaming2Go slots are classified as ‘white label products’, meaning their gaming software can be easily integrated into online casino systems. What this means in practice is that iGaming2Go slots can be leased out by an online casino so that it can be marketed as the licensee’s own property.

Although iGaming2Go slots do not store or manage user databases, they operate their database through one supplied by the primary system. This means that user operations including registration and payment can be handled by the primary system, enabling a smooth player experience as you can use one set of log in details to access your favourite games easily on a range of devices.

Available for everyone

Not only are iGaming2Go slots available on pretty much any device you can think of, they have also considered the bigger picture when designing their games and ensured all of their games are available in a huge range of different languages: giving them a great global appeal. The designers have even offered that if you notice a language is missing, you can contact their customer service team who will endeavour to make the game available in that language in a matter of days.

This sort of high-quality service and inclusivity is unusual in any industry, and a hugely welcomed modern solution to ensure their slots are available to a global community with no barriers for inclusion.

Range of games

As they’re still a relatively new developer, the range of iGaming2Go slots isn’t currently the biggest in the market. That said, they have already established themselves as a quality designer of fast, fun and innovative slots.

Covering a range of classic slot themes, “Anubis”: a wonderfully simple Egyptian slot game, is one of their most popular games, closely followed by the classic fantasy slots story of the Princess who had to kiss the Frog in “Frog Princess”.

iGaming2Go slots tend to focus on simple, fun graphics which keep players amused whilst generating a seamlessly simple gaming experience. Games such as the already-classic “Big Tasty” slot features a 50s style diner kitchen with the cartoon style graphics and animations iGaming2Go players can justifiably come to expect with their lovingly designed games.

Overall experience

That said, good graphics aren’t necessarily enough for a great gaming experience, and iGaming2Go have considered this in their game design.

Alongside their cartoon characters and simplistic, fun reels, iGaming2Go slots also take advantage of fantastic background music and classic reel spinning sound effects, bringing you a truly nostalgic experience as the reel spins remind you of land-based slot machines; emphasising the feeling that the game really could go any way.

As a modern producer of video slots, iGaming2Go slots also feature a great range of Wilds, Scatters and Bonus features, guaranteed to keep even the most experienced online slot player satisfied.

Most of the iGaming2Go slots feature the somewhat traditional 5 reels we come to expect in the world of online slots but for those who are bigger fans of 3 Reels Slots, iGaming2Go has also designed and operates a range of classic casino games for an online audience including Magic Poker, Blackjack and Royal Roulette. So those who really miss the atmosphere and excitement of land-based casinos or arcades also have a range of classic games to enjoy.


iGaming2Go slots are a subsidiary of Novomatic Interactive, which should give you an idea of the sort of quality we’re looking at here. With Novomatic slots presenting their slogan as “Winning technology”, there’s no doubt you’re in good hands with a Novomatic or iGaming2Go slots game.

With over 230 online Novomatic slots available, iGaming2Go slots are in good company with this parent developer, and we can safely expect great things from this newcomer to the gaming industry.