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Introduction to Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde is a five-reel slot from Microgaming that follows the classic Victorian novella. In the main game, you will see Dr Jekyll (the good guy), a doctor who loves potions and medicines; however, if you are lucky, you will manage to trigger the bonus feature that transforms the doctor into Mr Hyde. This might seem like a bad thing to fans of the book; after all, Mr Hyde is an evil murderer. Thankfully, he does not have the power to do anything nefarious here; instead, he can increase your stake and pay out free spins, so he can be very useful!

Jekyll and Hyde review / first impressions

This game will appeal to anyone who likes creepy, spooky slots, even if they have not read the original book. This is because the whole game has a very creepy vibe to it - the colour scheme is very dark and moody and the soundtrack is also quite eerie. If you don’t like scary slots, you probably won’t enjoy this game; however, if you love a good spook, you will probably like spinning the reels with Jekyll and Hyde.

The gameplay is also enjoyable, but only if you are willing to wait around for a while for something exciting to happen. This is because this is a high variance game, so you can spin the reels quite a few times before winning a prize. There is a top cash prize of 3,600x your stake, which is seriously impressive, but it is important to be aware that you could play a whole game without encountering a big win. For this reason, we think this game is best suited to players who can afford to spin the reels for a while.

Jekyll and Hyde Microgaming Slot - Demo, Free Play, No Registration

Payout ratio (or RTP) of Jekyll and Hyde slot

This game has an RTP of 95.36 per cent, which means it will pay out $95.36 for every $100 staked. This is an average over many games, so your own return could be significantly higher or lower.

Jekyll and Hyde slot graphics

This game has a creepy theme and the graphics show this well. As soon as you open the game, you will see Jekyll and Hyde on the loading screen. One side of the face looks handsome and normal, but the other side has a creepy grin and evil eyes. This drawing is fairly detailed and definitely helps to set the tone for the game.

Once the reels load, they take up most of the screen. It is quite hard to see the background; however, it seems that they are set in Dr Jekyll’s laboratory. The reels have a beautiful, ornate pattern on them but are held up by chains, which fits in with the split personality theme.

Some people may be a little disappointed that they can’t see any background behind the reels; after all, the background can help to set the tone for the game. Thankfully, this is not much of an issue with this game, as the symbols fit in with the theme well. As the reels turn, you will see card symbols from nine to ace, all of which have a spooky glow behind them. You will also see Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll’s soulmate on the reels. All these symbols are very detailed; in fact, we were slightly creeped out by Mr Hyde’s expression, which is always a good thing!

You can also see the game logo at the top of the screen; again, this fits in with the theme. ‘Dr Jekyll’ is written in normal writing, there is a blood splash behind the ‘and’, and ‘Mr Hyde’ is written in spooky green writing.

Overall the graphics for this game are pretty good. They are very detailed, and the colour scheme works really well with the theme.

Jekyll and Hyde

This game is based on the cult classic Victorian novella Jekyll & Hyde. The book follows a good doctor called Dr Jekyll, who experiments with potions and manages to turn himself into an evil man called Mr Hyde. Mr Hyde has a different appearance to Jekyll and has murderous tendencies - especially when he is left trapped inside Dr Jekyll for too long.

When Dr Jekyll realises what he has done, he is horrified - but it is too late. He cannot reverse the process and starts to turn into Mr Hyde more frequently. The story is very creepy, but we won’t ruin the end for you in case you decide to give the book a read!

We really like this theme for a slot. It is creepy, it is original, and it will appeal to anyone who loved the original book.

How to play Jekyll and Hyde Slots

This Microgaming slot has five reels and you can spin the reels from 0.25 to 25 per spin. You can set your bet using the control panel below the reels; once you have done this, you can start to play. Either press spin to move the reels yourself or use the autospin feature to spin the reels automatically for a set number of spins, such as five spins or ten spins.

Jekyll and Hyde game volatility

This is a high volatility game, which means that the wins are not frequent; however, when they do land, they tend to be higher than the wins in a low volatility or medium volatility game. This is particularly true for the Free Spins bonus feature, as this comes with both free spins and multipliers. If you manage to trigger this feature, you could walk away with some huge cash prizes; however, it is important to be aware that this feature is quite difficult to trigger. This means that you could play a whole game without triggering the feature, which is not ideal for players on a budget; therefore, we believe that this game is best suited to high rollers who have money to spend.

How to win at Jekyll and Hyde slots

If you want to form a win with this game, you will need to get at least three matching symbols in a row. This will result in an automatic prize; however, if you really want to win big with this game, you should look out for the bonus features.

Jekyll and Hyde bonus features

The main bonus feature in this game is triggered when Dr Jekyll transforms into the evil Mr Hyde. This happens when there are at least three Jekyll and Hyde symbols on the reels and will trigger the Dr Hyde Free Spins bonus feature. When this happens, you will first win 10 free spins. It could be more or less than this if you manage to trigger the feature for a second time.

When this happens, the game will change slightly. The music will get creepier and all the Jekyll symbols will turn into Hyde symbols. This makes it much easier for you to form big wins; in fact, this could help you to win the biggest cash prize in the game - if you get five Mr Hyde symbols, you will win 300x your current stake, which is very impressive.

Jekyll and Hyde strategy and tips

We don’t have any tips for this game, as it has been designed to be completely random and it is impossible to predict how the game will play out; however, we do suggest that players set a budget before they start playing and recommend that you never chase losses. This can be difficult, especially if you are on a losing streak, but you should always walk away from the game once your budget is spent. Remember that you can always start playing again another day when perhaps your luck will be better.

Jekyll and Hyde slot biggest possible win

The biggest win in this game can be found in the Mr Hyde special bonus feature. If you manage to get at least five Dr Hyde symbols on the reels during the bonus feature, you will win 300x your current stake, which will result in a significant cash payout. It is also worth noting that this combination can occur multiple times; however, this is unlikely.

Free spins on Jekyll and Hyde Slot

You will win 10 free spins if you manage to get at least three scatter symbols on the reels. This will also trigger a bonus game, which is pretty decent.

Jekyll and Hyde slot on mobile - Android, iPhones and tablets

Mobile gamers do not fear - you can play this game on both mobile and tablet devices in addition to desktops and laptops.

Games you might enjoy if you like Jekyll and Hyde

If you enjoyed this slot and you want to find other slots with a similar theme, you may enjoy Dr Jekyll Goes Wild slot. This game is also inspired by the gothic novella and there are a few similar bonus features, such as wilds and scatters. The game also has creepy graphics, so this game will probably appeal to you if you simply like spooky slots. The graphics are more modern than those in Jekyll and Hyde, so you may prefer this alternative if you like modern graphics.

The game also comes with a generous Big Bet feature, which can pay out between five and 75 free spins. This is seriously generous and will definitely appeal to players who like free spins.

It is worth noting that this game has been designed by Barcrest, so it is not from the same developers. You can find more slots powered by Microgaming software systems at Spin Palace Casino.

Jekyll and Hyde FAQs

Is Jekyll and Hyde available to play for real money in New Zealand?

Yes, you can play this game at various casinos in New Zealand for real money.

Can I play Jekyll and Hyde in NZ$?

Yes, you can play Jekyll and Hyde in NZ$.

Which NZ casinos offer Jekyll and Hyde?

Quite a few NZ casinos offer this game, including Casino Room, Spin Palace and Betway.

Does Jekyll and Hyde have a Free Spins feature?

Yes, there is a Free Spins feature in this game. You can trigger this feature by getting at least three matching scatter symbols on the reels.

* Jekyll and Hyde Microgaming is a Microgaming game. The trademark is owned by Microgaming. Online Slot NZ is not approved by Microgaming.

Game Name: Jekyll and Hyde Microgaming
Software: Microgaming
RTP: 95.36%
Paylines: 243
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.25
Max Bet: 25
Top Win: 1500