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Standing out from the crowd

Lost World Games has openly professed its intention to revolutionise online casino gaming, steering away from standard slots themes, including things like pirates and pots of gold.

Geeky greatness

Geek culture is a familiar concept with most online gamers and is mirrored effectively in Lost World Games’ love of Eastern culture. The motivation for the firm’s themes comes from anime, comic books, science fiction, movies and PC games.

Given the company’s small size, you won’t see much blockbuster influence in its games, but King of Kaiju - Rampage Riches hits the spot with regards to excitement and creativity.

Rampage Riches

Avoiding the bright city lights and the glamour of casino evenings, Rampage Riches - one of the earliest Lost World Games slots - gives a completely different take on online slots.

From the moment you start up Rampage Riches, you’ll be treated to a comic book style introduction which defines the fun you’re about to have. Graphics are true to form, with bright colours and defining lines.

In the game itself, the music takes a back seat to the sound effects which really create the ambience of the game. The reels aren’t the biggest we’ve seen and there’s some space that could be utilised on the screen, but the imagery and the graphics more than make up for that.

There are 5 reels, 3 symbol rows and 20 fixed paylines here, and these are all fairly standard features in an online slots game, but with a payout ratio of 96.58%, you can’t fail to be impressed. Oh, did we mention that the free spins guarantee a wild every time and that radioactive exploding wilds transform other symbols in play into between 2 and 5 additional wilds?

Free spins

Lost World Games slots usually come up trumps with free spins, which whisk you away to a side game. Your bet size is relative to how many paylines are in play and there’s the unique addition of an achievement progress tracker which helps you to keep track of the results as you play.


Lost World Games created Rampage Riches to offer something different to the online slots world. It’s one of many Medium Volatility Slots out there, and this offers a good level of risk versus reward. You can play on PC, mobile and tablet.

Bonus game

There is a fantastic bonus game as part of Rampage Riches, just waiting to be unlocked. This bonus game sees you side by side with a monster, taking in the views of several familiar landmark cities. Destruction of prominent buildings affords you bonus points which are added to your final win.

A quick reminder

If you’re a fan of comic books and monsters, then this is the game for you. You won’t regret dipping your toe in the water with this online slot, which took 12 months of planning, creating and development to bring the game to life.

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What’s next?

You might be wondering what became of the other two games in the trilogy by Lost World Games: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and Beer Goggles. Unfortunately, you’ll be in for a wait if you were hoping to play them any time soon, as they are yet to be released in any online casino. That’s a real shame considering the quality of the artwork and the teasers posted by Lost World Games on its website, as these had many players eagerly anticipating a release date.

Defining success

Lost World Games are certainly up there with the best of the best. However, has the firm succeed in revolutionising the online casino world? Perhaps not yet, given that it has only released one game to date, but there’s still time and we can only watch and wait in hope that Lost World Games slots soon become a force to be reckoned with.