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Magnet Gaming Slots History

Although Magnet Gaming is only just approaching its fifth anniversary, the company has an excellent pedigree. It’s a subsidiary of the mighty CEGO A/S, which has been creating waves in the casino industry since as far back as 2000. CEGO A/S is Danish, so you may not be familiar with the name, but the company is held in very high regard in its native country, where it was the first to be granted a licence to operate online casino games there.

As a subsidiary of CEGO A/S, Magnet Gaming was founded as a means of licensing slots titles for use by other countries. This is turning out to be a highly successful move, as casinos are already appreciating the outstanding quality of the games on offer, not to mention the fact that players simply can’t get enough of them.

Why Choose Magnet Gaming Slots?

You might suppose that an ardent slots fan’s needs would be best served by a software development company that has hundreds of titles to its name. In the case of Magnet Gaming Slots, however, less is most definitely more. The company may not churn out scores of titles each year, but players can rest assured that each new release has been crafted and honed to provide unrivalled levels of fun.

It’s hardly surprising, though, when you consider that it’s Magnet Gaming’s mission to create the most entertaining games possible. In fact, customer service is something that they strive to excel at, so it’s hardly surprising that the company ensures that players will be delighted by every single aspect of each game in its catalogue of titles.

Magnet Gaming’s success is down to the company’s core values of entertainment, accountability and reinvention. So you’ll find that the developers have taken traditional slots games and given them a new twist. Many of their games are created around 3x3 grids, although they also have some titles using the more commonly seen 5x3 grid too. But where these games really excel is in their Bonus Features, which add extra elements of fun and stop the games from ever seeming boring or predictable.

In fact, Magnet Gaming Slots are created for the casual slots player every bit as much as they are for the dedicated slots fan. Whether you win or lose, or opt not to play for real money at all, Magnet Gaming Slots will keep you amused and entertained, taking you away from your everyday concerns for a while. And isn’t that the point of gaming?

With this in mind, you’ll find that Magnet Gaming Slots will provide you with all the fun you crave, from just about anywhere, so long as you have a reasonable internet connection. The games have been designed and created to work on the HTML5 platform, so they look great and perform seamlessly on your mobile and tablet just as they do on your desktop or laptop computers. With no hefty downloads to worry about, you can choose your favourite Magnet Gaming Slots title and start playing it within seconds,

Play Magnet Gaming Slots Completely Free

Here at Slots Temple we offer everyone the chance to play free demo slots from Magnet Gaming. The majority of the company’s slots titles offer plenty of additional side games in addition to the base game, which really helps to ramp up the fun. But as every keen slots fan knows, learning about all the features of a new game takes a fair number of spins - so if you’re playing for real money, you can soon find your funds dwindling while you’re still getting to grips with the gameplay. This is particularly inconvenient if you’re playing a High Volatility Slots title, where wins tend to be infrequent. With this in mind, we make a huge selection of slots titles available to play for free here on our site. You don’t need to sign up with the site or deposit any funds - just choose your game and start playing it. Our virtual balance allows you to play the game as though you were wagering with your own money, but at absolutely no financial risk.

Once you’re ready to play for real, you’ll find plenty of online casinos that offer Magnet Gaming Slots to their members. Armed with the knowledge that you’ve gained on our site, you can play for real money in complete confidence that you know all the ins and outs of the gameplay. Or you can just stay here and keep playing for fun if you don’t want to wager any cash on the outcome of your spins.