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Lunar Warriors Battle Between Good and Evil

In the strange and mysterious lunar world of this free slots game, the Light Moon Warriors (good) do battle with the Dark Moon Warriors (bad) to win power over the fate of their homeworld. Fighting alongside an army of Light Moon Warriors, profoundly diminished in recent skirmishes, the Queen of Light will reward you with riches the like of which you will never have imagined for joining her cause against the forces of darkness. Moon Warriors is an unusual, but nonetheless outstanding new slots game from developers High 5 Games. It offers engaging and detailed gameplay, potentially large payouts, and a plethora of bonus features such as free spins, wilds and scatters. All in all, more than enough to keep an aspiring lunar explorer entertained. Despite inhabiting the wilds of deep space, you'll find that the Queen of Light is more than familiar with all of your Earth-bound communication devices. Indeed, she has already enabled Moon Warriors on your tablet and phone as well as your PC so that you can enjoy the experience of this free game anywhere you choose.

And the Characters Jumped over the Moon

High 5 are well known for the quality of their design and graphics, and Moon Warrior is another game that does not disappoint in this regard. Don't go jumping all over the moon with the beauty of these characters, though, or you'll lose sight of all the bonus payouts you could be bringing back down to Earth with you!

Moon Warriors Slot Free - Play in Demo & Read Review

Lunar Money

You'll be glad to know that the lunar world uses the same alphabet as our own, so you'll have no problems recognising the symbols as you strive to find matching combinations on this game's five reels. If you find between three and five of these matching symbols, you'll be bringing home up to one hundred times your bet. Of course, though, it's the warriors themselves that you really want to keep your eyes open for, as they are the ones that can help you rake in the biggest rewards, netting you up to a massive three hundred times your original stake. Watch out for the Queen of Light herself, as well, because when you see her, it means that she has been kidnapped by the evil Dark Moon Warriors, and you can win yourself up to four hundred times your original bet by rescuing her. To save the Queen of Light, simply find five of her symbols in a line on the reels at the same time. Also available for you to locate during your lunar explorations are five Moon Warrior icons. These hold the final key to victory in the battle over the Dark Moon Warriors and will net you 1,000 times your stake if you can find all five together.

Free Spins and Scatter

The free spins bonus in Moon Warriors is triggered by finding the free spins symbols on reels one to five at the same time, setting off eight free spins. You can also find scatter symbols, which will pay you up to fifty times your original stake.

* Moon Warriors is a High 5 game. The trademark is owned by High 5. Online Slot NZ is not approved by High 5.

Game Name: Moon Warriors
Software: High 5
RTP: 94.900%
Paylines: 720
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.01
Max Bet: 500
Top Win: 952000