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Popular Novomatic Slots

Novomatic Lucky Lady franchise is clearly popular, and here at Online Slots NZ you can play both Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe and Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe 10. The Lucky Lady has a complete set of lucky charms. Gold coins, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, rabbit's foot - they're all here. The Lucky Lady is a cool blonde who is actually pretty wild - in fact, she is the wild in the game. The scatter is a crystal ball. Five Lucky Ladies in a row can get you a payout of 90,000!

That isn't the end of it - the Lucky Lady multiplies your bet whenever she shows up on a winning line. The crystal balls deliver free spins and when these successfully forecast a win, it gets a multiplier of x3.

If you loved Lucky Lady, you'll adore Lucky Lady 10 - it's Lucky Lady on steroids! We've got the same game concept but with much-improved graphics and amazing gameplay. There are two sets of reels. One of them is a normal 5x5 grid which has 25 paylines. The other is a 5x12 format with 75 paylines.

There are Colossal symbols, with the original symbols stacked up four high on the 5x5 grid or eight high on the 5x12 grid. This gives you access to lots of winning combos and increased payouts. Although, bear in mind that these are low to medium volatility slots, so wins will tend to be reasonably frequent, but not huge.

Novomatic slots cover all the themes

Novomatic has a really comprehensive offering, covering all the themes most loved by slot players of free slots New Zealand style, whether they're using mobile and tablet to play them. They also have Progressive Jackpot Slots, though you won't be able to join with other players when you're playing for free.

The Book of Ra series is another mega-popular Novomatic offering, with a "Deluxe" series. Then there's a whole set of very well drawn slots that feature animals and nature. There's Gryphons Gold Deluxe, with a beautiful drawing of the bird, Arctic Race with fierce huskies and Totally Wild with its jaguar ready to pounce. Add African Simba and Orca, and this is something of a speciality theme for Novomatic.

Lovers of Asian themed slots don't get short-changed either. There's a huge selection, including the popular "Dragon" series and one-offs like Asian Attraction. While for adventure themed games, there's everything from Captain Venture on the high seas, to Knights Quest, to Mystic Secrets. Whether it's ancient Egypt, mystical maidens, exploding fruit or amazing stars, Novomatic has something for everyone.

Where next for Novomatic slots?

So where are Novomatic slots going next? You're probably thinking you know where - more animation, more interactivity, the same as everyone else in the industry. All true. But guess what else?

Biometrics is what. Novomatic says it's collecting biometric data for "customer convenience" and for preventing gaming addiction. Well, anything that stops people becoming addicted to anything is probably a good development. As to "customer convenience" we all know the phrases from businesses that start "for your convenience …." and go on to tell you something that's totally inconvenient!

At the moment, the biometrics are confined to payment and access - in other words, if you have to prove it's you by a fingerprint or eye recognition, children can't access accounts they shouldn't. Fair enough, but when you add biometrics to artificial intelligence and interactive slot games - who knows where Novomatic games may go?