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What You Can Expect from Old Skool Gaming Slots

The motto for Old Skool is ‘they don’t just create games; they create experiences’. While this may seem a little cheesy, it is actually very true: just load up a slot and play for a while, and you will agree. This is because their games have unique features and themes that make them more memorable than many other slots, so when you play you will have an exciting, original experience.

The main goal for Old Skool is to create immersive games, and so far they have done a great job at this. One way that they make their games more immersive is through narration: many of their games have a solid story or plot, and this means that players will be entertained by both the story and the gameplay.

Popular Old Skool Gaming Slots

So what can you expect if you spin the reels with an Old Skool gaming slot? Here is a little more information about some of the most popular slots that they have created.

Epic City

The first game from Old Skool gaming is called Epic City, and to this day it is still one of their most popular games. The game takes place in a futuristic world, but it isn’t a future imagined by the modern world; instead, it is a futuristic world imagined through post-Great Depression eyes. So instead of being transported to a city full of flying cars, you will be transported to a bronze and gold city that is filled with flying Zeppelins. The whole scene is very steampunk, and the visuals are beautiful, but that isn’t all - there are also lots of generous special symbols for you to discover.

La Rouge

La Rouge is a more recent game from the developers, but it has a similar ‘old skool’ theme. This game is mostly black and white, and it focuses on the classical film era. But the most exciting thing about the game isn’t the visuals: it is the free spins, the mini games and the bonus features!

This game is also optimised for both mobile and tablet.

So if you want to play free slots (including Multipliers Slots), there are lots of other Old Skool gaming slots for you to choose from!

Should You Play Old skool Gaming Slots?

If you want to find a slot with great visuals and a good story, you will probably enjoy spinning the reels with an Old Skool game - but if you are all about bonus features and you don’t really care about the plot, their games might not be for you. If you’re still not sure, consider playing a slot for free to work out if you like it or not.

About Old Skool Gaming Slots

The company make games through their studio, which is called LM Design Werks, and they produce games for both land-based casinos and online casinos. This includes free games and games that can be played for money.

They don’t have a huge collection of games so far, but every year their collection expands, so it is likely that they will have a large number of games in the future - and they have already produced lots of high-quality games that are loved by thousands of players across the globe.

It seems that the company care more about quality than quantity, which isn’t always the case with software developers. Every game is well thought out, and the graphics are always beautiful and very detailed.

They also work with lots of different clients, including the Odobo platform, Microgaming’s Quickfire, Coral Casino, Zynya and Mr. Green. This includes both free games and games that cost money.

Old Skool have also attended the International Casino Expo (also known as the ICE) and the Global Gaming Expo (also known as the G2E), which are two of the biggest global gaming events.