OMG Kittens Slot Free - Play in Demo & Read Review

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OMG Kittens: the Purr-fect Slot

We all know kittens have taken over the internet, and WMS knows it, too, which is why they’ve developed OMG Kittens, one of the cutest slots out there. For feline fun on the move, this free slots game even comes in iOS and Android versions so you can play on your mobile, tablet and laptop. It’s just purr-fect!

Feline Fun

This is 5 reels and 40 paylines of feline fun, with betting options from 0.01 coin to 1 coin or more per line. You can choose how much you want to stake at the start of each spin. The paytable symbols just add to the furry theme with balls of yarn, bottles of milk and little kitty collars. Even if you’re allergic to cats in real life, you’ll love these fluffy little felines endearingly named Tiger (a ginger tabby), Bubbles (a pure white ball of cute) and Mr. Whiskers with his handsome little moustache. Of all the cute kittens on the internet, these may be three of the very cutest. Better yet, if you tickle their tummies, they’ll send some serious cash your way and have you purring with pleasure - especially as each of these symbols fills their entire reel.

Something Fishy

Fishcat might be up to no good trying to sneak into that goldfish bowl, but he’s your scatter symbol and three or more across your reels will earn you some tasty rewards. This slot is all about the free spin games, and OMG are they good! You’ll be as dizzy as a kitten with a ball of yarn when you hit that bonus.


There are as many bonus free spin combinations as there are cute kittens on the internet in OMG Kittens. You’ll need to hit four of any kitten symbol with a bonus symbol on the fifth reel to learn your reward. Tiger increases the multiplier value of the free spins up to 10x, Bubbles adds up to 45 extra free spins, and Mr Whiskers adds a bonus payout before the feature starts. Hit four Tigers or four Bubbles with Mr Whiskers on the fifth reel and you’ll earn an extra multiplier. Even if you don’t hit a really big payout during the bonus round, you’ll still win 10x the wager that triggered it. With OMG Kittens, you’re never a loser.

Cat’s Whiskers

OMG Kittens has one more feature to make it just purr-fect. In normal play, you’ll occasionally spin a kitten on your fifth reel that comes with a multiplier of anything from 2x to 100x your stake. Match the same kitten across the rest of your reels and you could be looking at a massive jackpot of a maximum 2,500x your stake. It’s pretty clear exactly who WMS are targeting with this game, and if you’re a dedicated cat lover, just watching these adorable fluff balls run around your reels will be reward enough. There’s still plenty here for a dedicated slots player to enjoy when that major payout is just a kitten away.

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