Play’n GO has been creating online slots games for nearly 20 years, offering creative, fun slots that blend classic action with a wide variety of themes. While Play’n GO is not one of the major names in online pokies games, it is definitely a name worth remembering. With pokies that combine excellent graphics and sounds packages with solid gameplay, you can be assured that you will love playing the enormously enjoyable pokies from the developers at Play’n GO. Click here to read more.


Founded in 1997, this Swedish-based company began by working for gambling firms that produced comprehensive games for larger companies. After eight years of slogging for others, it became an independent outfit in 2005; since then, Play’n GO has continued to go from strength to strength. It has developed more than 50 online pokies game and while this is not enough for it to be considered one of the larger game developers, it is a trusted name in gaming due to its long history of producing excellent quality games.

The software Play’n GO uses is of the highest quality and players have a choice of 30 languages, enabling the games to be personalised to the individual. This is a company that insists on gaming responsibly, with licences for gaming held in many of the world’s major countries. Each country has its own set of rules to be followed to make sure those who are enjoying Play’n GO’s online pokies are enjoying them safely.

Although some of the fancier features you may see from other pokies game developers are not apparent in games from Play’n GO, they have no need to be. There are no famous film licensed games, no pokies games that feature giant rolling jackpots, and you won’t find games like those from other developers. What you will get is a series of pokies games that cover a range of hugely entertaining themes. The Play’n GO collection is often applauded for the excellent graphics and while the style of each game varies greatly, they all look fantastic! The sound and musical choices have been made in a way that brings out the flavour of each machine and new games are launched on a regular basis, attracting ever increasing numbers of new players to its pokies games.

Unique game styles

Play’n GO not only offers excellent pokies games but also games unlike the standard pokie offerings from other developers; for example, there are casual social games such as Gemix, which is played on a seven x seven grid of gems, and bonus round card games such as the adventure game Tower Quest, which features fiery dragons, ferocious orcs and an evil wizard. Play’n GO shines most brightly when it is offering experiences different to anything you would find on your typical pokies game site. As mentioned before, there are no massively high rolling jackpots with Play’n GO; however, the progressive jackpots on offer in some games can provide winnings that fall in the life-changing category.

Play’n GO has also developed a widget game, which is a miniature edition that offers an instant play format. Many of the games made by Play’n GO are available on smartphones and other Apple and Android devices and Play’n GO offers widget versions of some games that are integrated directly into a website, enabling them to be played as soon as a page loads. With the games appearing in adverts and even email, you can try brand new games without having to go to the website.

Popularity contest

With so many different games available, it is no surprise that Play’n GO is seen as a bespoke gaming company. The system Play’n GO uses stands out from its competition and is customised to meet the needs of the customer. The latest technology is used across all games and the system allows for true flexibility in the design and functionality of each pokie. There are several very popular pokies games from Play’n GO, such as the Indiana Jones-themed Aztec Idols, the 1970s disco-themed Cats and Cash, and the Irish/Egyptian-themed Leprechaun Goes Egypt. These pokies games all have their individual profiles, yet each is made with the same care and attention to detail.

Play’n GO’s goal is for its players to have fun. By keeping up with the latest technology, it can bring this fun and the new knowledge of tech when developing new gaming solutions. You can explore the ancient ruins and relics with Aztec Idols and combine the ancient tombs with the shamrocks of Ireland with Leprechaun Goes Egypt. This may sound a little wacky; however, as one of the most popular pokies games from Play’n GO, it is not that out of place! The popularity of the games created is shown in their sheer diversity and how many times they are played.

Play’n GO is contributing to the gaming market in a big way; as a result, there have been significant developments within new categories of online gaming. Alongside its pokies efforts, video bingo games are being released. By combining its experience with the latest technology, Play’n GO can provide premium content; in addition, Play’n GO allows game operators to be independent and choose which game titles they offer.

Wiser and wiser

Play’n GO cannot be considered just another name in the world of gaming – it is definitely an innovator. In the realm of mobile gaming, no other developer does it in quite the same way as Play’n GO. It has links with some of the biggest platforms for mobile and the recognition this provides is on an international scale. With technology ever changing and Play’n GO keeping up with this at speed, the quality products it designs are growing and being distributed across the online pokies market in a big way.

Mobile gaming is ever growing in popularity and Play’n GO will continue to provide competition in both the public and private sectors. The future is looking very bright for Play’n GO and its creative online pokies games!