Triple Dragons Slot - Demo, Free Play, No Registration

Getting Started

As soon as you start playing this game, you will see why it is called Triple Dragons. This is because there is a dragon on each side of the reels, and there is also a wild dragon who could turn up on the reels at any point.

Admittedly the graphics are fairly simple, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some players only want to play modern slots with video features, but many other players miss the original slots, and so they will enjoy the nostalgic feeling that this game creates.

One thing that you will need to do before you start spinning the reels is set your bet, which you can easily do using the control panel. Once you have done this you can spin the reels yourself, or you can use Autospin to spin the reels automatically. Finally, there is a turbo spin feature that you can use to spin the reels even faster. This is great for impatient players, but you should probably avoid this if you have a tight budget, as it means your money will be spent quickly!

This is a highly volatile slot, which you should remember when you are setting your bet level. The bet level for this game goes from 0.05 up to 50, so there is quite a lot of range - but we don’t recommend that you place a high bet if you are on a budget. This is because you can spin for a long time without encountering a win in a high-volatility slot.

If you have a good amount of money to bet, you may want to consider betting a little more and hoping for the dragon wilds. However, this game is riskier than most, so it is hard to be sure of a win!

Special Features

The main special symbol in this game is the wild symbol, which is represented by the third dragon. If you manage to get a full stack of dragon symbols on the reels, they will instantly turn into dragon wilds, which will trigger the game’s bonus game. During this game the stacked wilds will stay on the reels, which means that there are only two spinning reels. This means that it is much easier to land a win - not that this really matters, as the reels will keep spinning until they eventually land on a win.

This feature normally ends within a few spins, but we really like the fact that it comes with a guaranteed win, and the feature can be triggered more than once, so if you are lucky you will trigger it a few times during one game.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming gets more and more popular with every passing month, and most casinos seem to have become aware of this. Nowadays nearly most slot games are optimised for all devices, and thankfully this is the case with Triple Dragons. You can play the game on both mobile and tablet devices (including Android and iOS), so if you prefer spinning the reels on your phone that isn’t a problem.

Triple Dragon also looks good on mobile devices due to the simple graphics, and it loads fairly quickly (so you don’t have to spend time waiting around for the game to start).

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If you are tired of complex slots with lots of paylines, you might enjoy getting back to the basics with Triple Dragons. This is a simple slot with straightforward gameplay, and while this may be boring to some people, it will definitely appeal to others.

Sure, the graphics aren’t anything special - in fact, there are probably hundreds of other slots with similar graphics! However, this game wasn’t designed to impress people with flashy graphics: it was designed to impress people with high-volatility action.

The best things about this game are the stacked wilds, as they can result in a big payout. However, it is essential to remember that this game is a high-volatility one, so there is no guarantee that you will trigger the bonus feature (even if you play for a long time). For this reason we think that this game is best suited to wealthy players who want to take a risk and have some fun. After all, if you are lucky, the risk will certainly pay off!


* Triple Dragons is a Pragmatic Play game. The trademark is owned by Pragmatic Play. Online Slot NZ is not approved by Pragmatic Play.

Game Name: Triple Dragons
Software: Pragmatic Play
Themes: Oriental/Asian, Dragons
Volatility: High volatility
Features: Wild Symbol High volatility 3 Reels
Paylines: 5
Reels: 3
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.05
Max Bet: 50
Top Win: 200
RTP: 96.51%