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The story behind the game

Some slots simply have a theme (such as Irish or Oriental), and there isn’t actually a plot or a story there - but this isn’t the case with Warlords Crystals of Power. The game follows an epic battle between three different rulers; the Priestess, the Barbarian and the Samurai. They are the only leaders left after years of fighting, and they are all equally determined to end up the leader of the world.

Sure, you don’t know their policies or opinions, but all three look pretty badass. As soon as you open the game you will see all three behind the title, and each one is standing in a dramatic, battle-ready position. They are all well drawn; the Priestess is a beautiful brunette with green and blue feathers in her hair and a bow in her hand, while the Samurai has a traditional Samurai haircut with a red bandana tied around his head. Finally, there is the Barbarian, and he does look pretty barbaric; he is wearing medieval style amour with giant horns coming out of it, and his mouth is open as he yells out a battle cry.

Once the game loads you will see a well-used battlefield. Red smoke fills the air, and flags on sticks wave in the distance. At the left-hand side of the screen is a towering man in armour, and he is brandishing a terrifying medieval weapon. The whole scene is very intense, which will put you in the right mood before the reels start spinning!

These graphics are very impressive and detailed, especially when it comes to each individual warrior - and the same is true for the symbols. It is clear that a lot of time and effort went into designing each symbol, as they are all very beautiful, and they all fit in with the theme of the game. You will see the three leaders as the reels turn, as well as their sidekicks (a wolf, a warthog and a panther).

We also really like how the theme combines a futuristic fight for the world with a medieval look as it makes the game even more original. So if you are looking for a slot with a truly original theme, it is possible that you will enjoy this game!

Getting s

Before you get started you will need to set your bet, which you can do using the control panel. You can adjust the bet manually to find a number that suits your budget, or you can press Min or Max to bet the minimum or the maximum amount.

It can also be useful to check the paytable so that you know exactly how much each symbol is worth. After all, the symbols have different values in this game, so if you really want to succeed you should know which symbols are the most valuable (and the least valuable).

Once you have set your bet and checked out the paytable you can start to spin the reels. You can do this yourself by pressing the spin button, or you can use the autoplay feature to spin the reels automatically for a set number of spins. This is useful for players who are also doing other things, but it can take some excitement away from the game.

You will need to get at least three matching symbols in a row to score a win with this game. The more symbols you get, the more money you will win, so three is the minimum but you need to aim higher for bigger rewards. However, it is important to be aware that different symbols have different values; the highest paying symbol is the Samurai, and this symbol can pay out up to 20 times your bet for five matching symbols. This is very impressive, so we definitely suggest that you keep an eye out for this symbol!

Warlords Crystals of Power Slot - Demo, Free Play, No Registration

Bonus features

There are a few bonus features hidden in this game. The game has regular wilds, but it also has a random overlay wild that can be triggered at any random point in the game. When this happens a second game will begin, and this will be played on new reels without the scatter symbol.

The game also has something called the Barbarian’s Hammer. When this happens four wilds will appear on the reels in the shape of a square, and the sword and arrow symbols could also pay out even more wilds. This makes it much easier to form winning combinations, so this feature definitely adds a little extra excitement to the game.

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Warlords Crystals of Power is a fun game from NetEnt that can be played on both mobile and tablet devices. We think that this game is perfect for players who like fast-paced, action-themed slots with plenty of action and with big payouts!


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Game Name: Warlords Crystals of Power
Software: Net Ent
RTP: 96.89%
Paylines: 30
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.15
Max Bet: 150
Top Win: 300