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Paving the future through cloud gaming

World Match goes beyond merely developing games to ensure they are offered up to players in the safest, most effective way. This led to the development of their WM Cloud Gaming Centre, wherein casino companies can create their own website to host games via a turnkey platform without needing to download software, a first for such a service within the e-gaming industry. This is more cost-effective for the casino and ensures their site runs smoothly with daily server backups. It also benefits players thanks to financial tracking, secure data storage and tools for fraud prevention, leading to a higher-quality, safer and more user-friendly website.

Collaborative slots

World Match slots has joined forces with various casino outfits and game producers to thoroughly expand the offerings on their online platform. You’ll find partnerships with some of the biggest names in the gaming arena, from iSoftBet to Microgaming and NetEnt.

To further extend their third-party collaborations, World Match has joined up with online poker and sports betting operators, including Play2B Poker and Contagious Sports.

A generous gaming catalogue

World Match Slots has a wide assortment of captivating titles in its repertoire, from themed and narrative-based slots to fresh takes on classic favourites, in addition to table-based games like baccarat, poker, roulette and blackjack. Many slots see the time-honoured formula underpinning their design, such as The Pinguizz and Circus Evolution Slot. For those who enjoy themed video slots, World Match covers a lot of ground.

Culturally themed slots, like China Long, Arena de Toros and Egyptian Wild are popular. Horror and fantasy offerings like Ghosts’ Night and Freaky Fortune give a dark twist for players to savour, while action and adventure titles like Elite Commandos inject a little more energy and excitement. There’s something for sports fans with slots like Touch Down, nature fans with Into The Woods, and historical themes are also well enjoyed by players, including the popular Hercules. World Match also excel with their 3D graphics, such as with Viking Legend. Particularly popular is the 3D video slot series featuring Archibald, which includes Archibald Africa and Archibald Orient. Along with Dante’s Purgatory and Dante’s Paradise, such titles illustrate the software provider's capacity not just for slick graphics but also for engaging gameplay with narratives and themes to take the player on a journey like no other.

While there are plenty of lighter, modern slots to play for fun, such as their SuperHeroes Slot, classic fruit machines are also available. For example, Fruits 4 Jackpot retains the ageless appeal of fruits slots while bringing contemporary graphics to the screen.

Within this catalogue of thrilling games, you’ll find a variety of gaming configurations for features, volatility and jackpots to keep things interesting.

Great popularity despite lack of international reach

Unfortunately, not everyone worldwide will be able to readily enjoy World Match offerings. They have a particularly strong foothold in the Spanish and Italian markets and within the Mediterranean area, serving Italia Game Casino, Eurobet and Lottomatica. Players may therefore have to search a little harder outside of these regions to find availability. In 2017, they obtained DGOJ certification for Spanish regulations and provided games to the .ES gaming market, showing continued expansion. However, the lack of a full international presence may explain why this notable provider isn’t as quick to be mentioned alongside the top hitters in the e-gaming market. You can play free slots at Online Slots NZ, including various TV & Movies Slots and a range of exciting offerings from World Match Slots, on any desktop, mobile and tablet device.

The Malta Gaming Authority has bestowed upon this impressive provider the Class 4 Gaming Licence, which means players can rest assured that World Match is legitimate, trustworthy and fair in their dealings. This ensures that safety and data protection measures are in place, and the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) in their slots is standard.

Continued growth for World Match Slots

Their experience and collaborative efforts mean their online slots are known for exciting features and contemporary graphics. They continually hone, refine and develop their software, staying ahead of the curve, and are increasingly showing expansion in terms of player numbers and casinos using their services. World Match are at the forefront of gaming and technological advancements and they are proud to have a long history of investing in innovation.

World Match Slots a pioneer of premium gaming, and players are sure to find an enigmatic mixture of enjoyment, jackpots galore, sophisticated graphics and smooth, engaging gameplay with their slots.