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Unusual Beginnings

The unknown fate of Yoyougaming isn’t the only unusual thing about this company. In fact, it has bucked nearly every trend when it comes to online slot makers. Aside from its mysterious demise, the very fact that it came out of China in the first place makes it immediately raise eyebrows. While some destinations such as London, Stockholm and even the Isle of Man are renowned hubs for online game developers, Yoyougaming is pretty much the only company of this type to be based in China.

It is especially notable as the only gambling permitted in China has to be state-regulated. However, the founder of Yoyougaming clearly saw a gap in the market as well as significant appetite from across the globe for online slot games. While his gamble has perhaps not paid off in the long run, for quite a significant amount of time Yoyougaming was definitely making waves in the world of online gaming.

The fact that Yoyougaming doesn’t seem to have stood the test of time demonstrates quite how competitive and crowded the online slot marketplace is. There are so many innovative and exciting developers out there. Competition is stiff, and those companies that can’t keep bringing fresh and creative ideas to the table simply won’t last. True, there is a huge market for online gaming, but audiences want to be entertained as well as have the option to win big. There are many dedicated and sophisticated players out there who expect a certain level of play. Even gaming novices demand fun and lively experiences.


Despite a significant amount of digging, the fate of Yoyougaming is still not completely clear. It still has profiles across social media, but these have not been active for quite some time. Of course, its back catalogue of games can still also be played, and there are some genuinely good ones out there.

The LinkedIn profile of founder Kevin Li sheds a bit more light. It still lists him as the CEO of the company from 2009 to the present day. He is also listed as the CEO of Inteplay from 2014 to the present. Inteplay describes itself as a leading iGaming platform, and it appears to be fairly active still. In 2017 it announced a partnership with Vivo Gaming to deliver a combined offering of their products specifically for the Asian market. It also seems to have a reseller agreement in place with XIN Gaming.

Popular Yoyougaming Slots

While the company may not have produced any new games for quite some time, there are some great Yoyougaming slots out there that can still be enjoyed. In the relatively short time the company was active, it produced a large number of interesting games, many of which had some good bonus features.

Animal-lovers can enjoy Yoyougaming slots such as Angry Pigs or Happy Chickens. Sports fans will like Badminton Challenge or the football-themed Shoot Out. Those who want a bit of a fright should check out Ghost House and Ghost Castle. These can all generally be enjoyed on mobile and tablet devices too.

The Odobo Platform

One other key thing to note about Yoyougaming slots is that they are all distributed on the Odobo platform. This was a solution developed to allow smaller players to market games. Located in Gibraltar, this cloud-enabled platform exploited a gap in the market by solely promoting independent and smaller games developers.

It was founded by an ex-Bet365 director, but actually closed its doors in 2017 - another sign of how competitive the market is. Yoyougaming certainly won’t be the first or last smaller developer to fold. However, its games are still a great legacy to what was a really exciting brand for a while. Who knows, perhaps it will make a comeback. Watch this space!