Progressive Jackpots - Online Slots Jackpots

There are so many great jackpots out there in the online slots world that we just had to share a few with you. Mega Moolah is always one of the biggest and best out there. At the time of writing it was well over $1 Million!

Mega Moolah

Always one of the biggest online jackpots in the market place. It’s easy to play and lots of fun too. If you hit the jackpot on this online slot it’ll change your life forever! Coincidentally New Zealanders have won this jackpot of few times recently! You can can play this Slot at Spin Palace. Click here to play now

Major Millions

One of the very best online progressive slot jackpots. This progressive jackpot is always in the six figure mark. The game has five reels and fifteen paylines – a great online slot that has been enjoyed by Kiwis for many a year now. It’s exciting enjoyable and don’t forget the unbelievable jackpot payout on this slot – well worth playing. Click here to play now

King Cashalot

Head back to medieval times and join kings, princes, castles and riches! The biggest riches of all is the jackpot! The best thing about King Cashalot is that it can be played for next to nothing. Why not try this amazing online slot today? You won’t regret it if you hit the jackpot that’s for sure – it always tends to be around the six figure mark.Click here to play now

Treasure Nile

You’ll be transported to the world of the Nile, Pharos and Sphix in theis five reel, nice payline classic. It’s fun to play and the jackpot itself is always worth winning. Why not try your luck today? It’s actually one of the slots that pays out with a degree of frequency, so while the payout are not in the millions, you’ll have a better cahnce of winning.Click here to play now

Roulette Royale

Spin the wheel and you could win very big. If you hit the correct number five times in a row you’ll be in for a six figure payout! Not strictly a slot we know, but it’s a damn good progressive jackpot and gives you something different to slots if you do fancy a change but still want a shot at winning the big bucks – give it a go today, it’s a lot of fun.Click here to play now

Cash Splash

Cash Splash is a popular Microgaming progressive jackpot game, which offers players the chance to win prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars. It is known to pay out its progressive jackpot prize several times per week, making plenty of lucky players instantly wealthier. In this 15-payline game, it costs just $3.00 to make the maximum wager, which guarantees you a shot at the progressive jackpot prize each time you spins its reels. With jackpots worth over $20 000, you are certainly getting great value for your money, by playing Cash Splash.Click here to play now


Lotsa Loot is an Irish-themed slot machine that offers players progressive jackpot prizes. With rainbows, pots of gold and four-leaf clovers on the reels, you’ll certainly feel lucky while you vie for the chance to win the progressive jackpot on this generous game. Lotsa Loot has been known to pay out every week, making it a very generous game. Each time the jackpot resets, it starts again at $15 000, so the average payout is about $25 000. On rare occasions, the jackpot has been known to pay out $50 000 or more so you could be the next lucky winner to hit it big.Click here to play now

Jackpot Deuces

For players looking for something a little different to slots, Jackpot Deuces is right up your alley. This video poker game requires minimal effort in order to trigger the progressive jackpot prize. All you have to do is achieve a Diamond Royal Flush as your hand. You’re not required to make any side bets, but you do have the place the maximum wager of $5 in order to be eligible for the prize. Otherwise, you could end up winning just $4800 – when you could be winning a progressive jackpot prize worth over $25 000. The game pays out on a fairly regular basis, about every two weeks.Click here to play now

Fruit Fiesta

Fruit Fiesta is a 15-payline online slots game, with a very tasty theme. The game offers players the chance to win a progressive jackpot prize simply by placing a $0.75 wager – whether you’re playing the 3-reel or 5-reel version. This game is quite generous, paying out jackpots worth $25 000 each time the progressive prize is won. It pays out every 10 days or so; so, a new lucky player gets a handsome prize from this game just about every week.Click here to play now

CyberStud Poker

CyberStud Poker is a video poker game that offers players a progressive jackpot prize. The game is modelled on the basis of Blackjack, but has the same game format of video poker, appealing to players who have more experience playing card games. In order to win the progressive jackpot prize, the player simply has to complete a Royal Flush. Some incredible progressive jackpots have been won from CyberStud Poker, some even worth $200 000. The actual average, however, is $130 000 – which is still quite generous. This game pays out four to five times a year.Click here to play now

Beach Life

Beach Life is one of the most generous progressive jackpot games out there today. Whenever you hear about someone winning a jackpot while playing this game, the prize is never worth less than a quarter of a million. In fact, the average jackpot hit while playing Beach Life is $1.6 million. Incredibly, Beach Life actually pays out several times per year – about every 3 months. While the jackpots are sometimes low ($250 000), the game can be very lucrative. In fact, the highest jackpot Beach Life ever paid out was $4 million.Click here to play now

Poker Ride

Poker Ride is a progressive jackpot game modelled after Let It Ride Poker. The game allows players to opt-in to the progressive jackpot pool by placing a side bet during the game. Then, the player is pitted against the deal to see who has the better hand. In order to win the progressive prize, the player must obtain a royal flush. The progressive jackpot also pays out 10% of its total to players who obtain a straight flush. Because there are two jackpots available, the game pays out several times per week; however, the top progressive prize is paid out just once a month – for an average of $125 000.Click here to play now

Marvel Ultimate Power

The Marvel Ultimate Power is a progressive jackpot network available from PlayTech. It consists of 9 progressive jackpot games linked across a wide range of online casinos. Each game is based on a Marvel Superhero, including Iron Man, The Hulk, X-Men and Elektra. The network seeds at $100 000 and regularly offers players prizes worth $600 000, and never pays out for less than $400 000. It is the highest level of the 4-part Marvel progressive jackpot network, and can be won randomly when playing any of the superheroes’ slots.Click here to play now

Tunza Money

TunzaMunni is a progressive jackpot game that certainly lives up to its name, as the game pays out impressive and generous progressive jackpot prizes on a regular basis. With just one payline, the game offers players a simple way to win a lucrative progressive jackpot prize by displaying a white, red and blue symbols on the payline – in that order. To opt-in to the progressive jackpot pool you must make a $0.25 wager, making this game one of the best values in the online gambling world. Being a 3-reel slots game, you would expect the jackpot prize to pay out rarely, but this is not the case. The progressive jackpot prize is won every two months or so for an impressive average of about $100 000. On occasion, TunzaMunni has awarded prizes worth more than $200 000.Click here to play now