New Zealand introduced new online gambling legislation in July of 2004, it was designed to regulate a growing industry and is enforced by the NZ Department of Internal Affairs – the government body that also takes care of services like passports, birth , death, marriage, censorship and regulation.

The law that was put in place was the Gambling Act of 2003 and if followed to the letter of the law only allows the TAB and the NZ Lottery Commission to provide interactive gambling services online. The definition of ‘remote’ or ‘interactive’ gambling is far reaching – it covers everything from gambling via TV, websites, text, phone or basically any media device that is not operated by the TAB of Lotteries Commission.

However, all this does not mean that it is illegal for us Kiwis to enjoy online gambling in online casinos… The reason being that NZ law cannot be enforced overseas, therefore it is not illegal for Kiwis to play in an online casino that is based overseas (just as a quick FYI at this point, all the sites listed on this website are totally fine for New Zealanders to gamble on).

So really the only issues New Zealanders are faced with when choosing an online casino is whether it is trustworthy and reputable – this is important because there would not be a great deal Kiwi’s could do if a foreign Casino took their money – which is why it’s good to stick to recommendations from trusted sites like

Click here to visit the NZ Department of Internal Affairs Gambling Section