Genesis Gaming is generating a great deal of buzz for its latest online slots release, Jason’s Quest. Rather than releasing one full gameplay trailer, the company Is launching several different videos that depict a different aspect of the gameplay. The first trailer takes a look at the Cyclops bonus, in which Jason faces off against the mythical monster in front of spinning reels. It seems to be a free spins round that features extra bonuses as Jason’s slays the beast. It was released in February, and ended with the phrases ‘What Lies Ahead?’ to get viewers excited for the next video. Take a look here: <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Then, this week, Genesis Gaming launched its second trailer. This time, video showed Jason fighting the hydra, earning bonus cash with each swing of his sword. This teaser trailer also ended with the phrase ‘What Lies Ahead?’, so we are anticipating another trailer within the next few weeks. This is quite a unique approach to promoting new online slots. Usually, developers only launch one teaser trailer about a month before a game’s release but Genesis Gaming has decided to release several different trailers in a sequential format. It helps to keep players’ interest so that they don’t forget about the game and it can create a lot of buzz as viewers become eager to see the next video. “Jason’s Quest showcases our commitment to extending the player experience with a game,” said Geoffrey Hansen, Managing Director. “In particular, we wanted to leverage the levelling up element common in the social and video games enjoyed by millennials.” Genesis Gaming is an online slots developer that is well-known for its top-quality games that feature impressive graphics and unique themes. So, we are very excited to see the next Jason’s Quest trailer and discover more about this new game.