While Microgaming scoops up all of the online gaming award for 2011, it is PlayTech that has emerged as the top earner in the online gambling market. The company has reported at 89% increase in profits over the course of the final quarter of 2011, bringing its total revenue up to $90 million for the time period. PlayTech is one of the fastest-growing online casino operators in the market. Every year, the company launches partnerships with new companies and licenses it games out to an increasing number of casinos. Is it this activity that keep PlayTech on the up and up in the online gambling market. "Playtech is preparing itself for each and every market to make the most of the changing regulatory landscape,” says PlayTech CEO Mor Weizter. This year, the company has been focused on breaking into the American gambling market. In order to do so, PlayTech has been forging even more professional relationships, which have also contributed to its growth over the past few months. PlayTech is actually one of the few international online gambling operators that is well-poised to enter the American gambling market, and we are confident that it will see strong results when it finally does so.