While winning at slots relies on nothing more than luck and chance, there is one surefire way of ensuring that players make the most money possible. By examining the odds and payout percentages of each slot machine, you can get a better idea of how much money you can win. Odds tell you how good your chance is of winning a jackpot, while a payout percentage tells you how much of you jackpot you can take home and how much is going to the casino. When playing online slots, Cryptologic is one of the best names around. It is one of the few software companies who publishes its numbers, including win rates. This is because they have some of best return rates on the internet, meaning players have great odds of winning at slots. Cryptologic sets its payout percentages for its licensees, so players can be certain that they will be getting a fair chance at winning all around. 96% is the average payout percent , which is one of the highest among casino software designers. Microgaming also has a trusted list of published numbers. Simply visit eCOGRA’s website, and search for Microgaming’s payout percentages and odds. When companies publish their numbers, it is a good sign that they are confident about the quality of their odds and payouts. So, players should always look for these numbers first before committing to a specific online casino to play slots. Another big name for slots is Vegas Technology. Unlike Cryptologic, the company does not have a diverse game suite. Instead, it focuses mostly on slots, with over 100 online slots titles to choose from. Because of this, they have perfected the online slot gaming experience, offering upwards of 97%. Additionally, Vegas Technology offers each one of its slots games in multiplayer mode, so players can maximize their odds and profits by taking place in tournaments.