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What is the scatter symbol?

The scatter symbol is often called the gambler’s best friend, and this is because the symbol can benefit a game in a range of ways. This is because many scatter symbols can be used to trigger bonus features and extra games, which makes the game a lot more exciting (and it also makes it easier for you to win more!).

However, it is worth noting that the scatter symbol works in a different way to the regular symbols on the reels. Unlike normal symbols that need to be lined up on one payline for a win, the scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the reels. You just need to get at least three across the reels, and this will normally unlock bonus games (such as free spins, or small games that allow you to win even more cash prizes). This means that it is normally easier to make combinations with the scatter symbol than it is to make combinations with other symbols, which is very handy.

Normally the prizes that can be won with the scatter symbol are fairly low compared to the top wins in the game, but this is still a great way to boost your winnings as you play. It is also possible to make combinations with the scatter symbol multiple times during one game, so this feature just keeps on giving and giving!

Some scatter symbols will also appear during the bonus feature, and this means that they can retrigger more features in the game. So it is definitely well worth keeping an eye out for the scatter symbols!

The purpose of a scatter symbol

Most scatter symbols have two main purposes; they can be used to form wins, and they can be used to trigger bonus features. Normally, you will need at least three scatter symbols to do this, but this isn’t the case for every slot; some games only require two matching scatter symbols, while other games require a minimum of five matching scatter symbols. For this reason, you should always check the rules for new games before you start playing them.

In most online slots, scatter symbols serve two purposes - the second being the triggering of a bonus round. Usually, three or more scatters are required to trigger the free spins game. The number of free spins you receive usually correlates to the number of scatters that trigger the round.

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What do scatter symbols look like

Scatter symbols don’t have one specific look; every game has a different image for the scatter. However, they are commonly represented by the game logo, but this can also be the case for wild symbols. So if you are not sure which symbol is the scatter symbol in a slot, check out the paytable to find out before you start playing.

Normally, the paytable can easily be found from the main gaming screen. When you have found it you can click on the little paytable symbol, and this will provide you with information about every symbol in the game (including the scatter symbol). So when you start playing, you will know what you are looking out for - and you will also learn if the scatter is a multipurpose symbol.

Scatter symbols slots

The scatter is one of the most popular slot symbols, so lots and lots of slots feature scatter symbols. However, they are more commonly found in certain types of slots; they are often found in five reel slots, and they aren’t as common in three reel slots.

However, they can be found in a wide range of games, including 10 reel games, games with progressive jackpots, games with multipliers, Fantasy Slots and video slots. They can also be found in lots of mobile and tablet slot games.

Finally, scatter symbols can be found in a selection of High 5 Games.

Where to find scatter symbols slots

As we mentioned before, scatter symbols can be found in most games. However, they seem to appear in more low volatility and medium volatility games (than high volatility games). This could be because scatters tend to provide frequent small wins.