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Into the wild

One hugely popular, and possibly underappreciated, slots theme takes us back to the history of the Native Americans, and it’s clear to see why. With a history dripping in excitement, discovery and spiritualism, there’s something for everyone with Native Americans Slots.

If you’re looking to take a walk on the wild side in a cowboys and Indians style slot, try ‘Indian Chief’ by iSoftBet or Blueprint’s ‘Buffalo Rising’. Or perhaps you love the Native Americans slots because of their shamanic and spiritual beliefs, in which case, slots such as ‘Shamans Dream’ or ‘Double Buffalo Spirit’ might suit your playing needs. There’s also the historical aspect of Native Americans, which is incredibly interesting for those players who like a trip to the past in their games. If that sounds like you, join Christopher Columbus as he discovers the Americas in ‘Age of Discovery’.

Spirit Animals

Another huge part of the Native American lifestyle was their connection to the natural world around them, particularly when it comes to animals.

In some tribes, it was believed that each individual is connected with 9 different animals which will guide them throughout their life depending on the person’s needs at the time. Others believe in totem animals which remain with you for life and act as a guardian spirit, both through the physical and spiritual worlds.

Although spirit animals could, in theory, be any of the Earth’s creatures, common animals to feature in Native American mythology include the bear, wolf, hawk, turtle, buffalo, deer, bat, lizard and butterfly, and you’ll frequently see these symbols adorning the reels of Native Americans slots.

Although some players may be drawn to particular animals almost instinctively, for those who aren’t sure where to look for their guide, why not join ‘Wild Spirit’ in the quest to find your spirit animal?

One company who is great when it comes to animal themes is Ainsworth, and it doesn’t disappoint with its contribution to the Native Americans slots theme, with the creation of ‘Winning Wolf’. Don’t worry if the wolf isn’t your spirit animal, as this game also features buffalo, eagles, owls, deer, squirrels and a majestic mountain to guide you to, hopefully, rich rewards.

If you love animal themed games and a classic land-based casino slots feel, you can play free Ainsworth slots right here at Online Slots NZ on desktop, mobile and tablet.

A bit of tradition

It’s not just the spirit world that people find fascinating about the Native Americans however, but their whole way of life. Living in teepees, building stunning totem poles and catching their own food evokes a sense of yearning for a simpler time. This, coupled with the bright, bold colours and images which feature heavily in this amazing culture, easily linspires designers making both land-based and online slot games.

If you want to run away and join one of these peaceful tribes, you can get a sense of what that might be like by spinning ‘Golden Chief’ from Barcrest or ‘Indian Chief’ from iSoftBet. Just be sure to earn your place among the people otherwise you may never be accepted. One way to earn your place might be to join an expedition as an ‘Indian Cash Catcher’ hunting for gold and other precious things to boost the riches of your tribe.

Native Americans slots graphics

Native Americans slots typically have loads of stunning symbols to choose from to honour this civilisation. When playing these slots, you’re likely to come across brightly coloured headdresses, rainbows of feathers, rich red clothing, dark sands, white washed teepees and horses of all colours. You might also spot some vibrant face painting if you catch the tribe during a celebration, or maybe a significant landmark and, of course, the ever present totems and animals.

The backdrops for Native American slots also offer the chance for game designers to let their creativity flow, as Microgaming showed with its incredible attention to detail in ‘Age of Discovery’.


Storytelling, myths and legends were important to the Native American people and, as such, these rituals offer an opportunity to honour the stories of our past with immersive video slots and a variety of stories being told through the reel spins.

Even the simplest of stories can offer the chance for excitement as the tribal elders teach their young ones about ice fishing or building fires, as you will discover in IGT’s ‘Fire Opal’, which features an unusual reel format and 720 ways to win.

For a more complex storyline, game makers utilise the tales of old to talk about the spirit world and the journey of those who have passed onto the other side. Thanks to the spirituality of the Native Americans, this theme lends itself nicely to bring in aspects from other slots themes such as fantasy slots. Use some ‘Buffalo Magic’ with Novomatic or perform a ‘Rain Dance’ with Realtime Gaming, to incorporate some magic into your Native American slots spinning.

Time travel

History slots always offer a layer of intrigue to a modern gaming audience, as we look back on where our ancestors came from and some of the trials and tribulations which befell them.

Travelling back in time has never been easier. If you like free spins and Respins Slots you might enjoy include ‘Hold your Horses’ by Novomatic, where you can ride like the wind through Native America and beyond.

Native Americans slots are incredibly popular, and it’s no surprise that they were big before slots arrived in the online world, with many land-based casinos loving the tradition and mystery which comes hand in hand with such a rich culture.