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Key elements of parody slots

There is a recipe that needs to be followed to create a truly successful parody slots game, with all titles with this theme sharing common features. Whether you play Aristocrat slot machines or machines from other developers, you will notice that the core elements and fundamentals for this genre remain the same.

All games in this genre are based on subject matter that most people will be familiar with and that a player will easily be able to identify. Emoticons, Pulp Fiction and Monopoly have all been covered and are just a few examples of subjects that just about everyone will recognise instantly. Parody slots are often named cleverly, with the name being turned into something of a pun - think The Slotfather, Call of Fruity and Emoticoins. These are instantly recognisable but have cleverly been given a game-related twist.

Instantly appealing slots action

One of the biggest attractions of parody slots is the fact that they are based on an instantly-recognisable topic, so they make an immediate connection with players. Whether they have a progressive jackpot attached, are Substitution Symbols Slots or are simple three-reel games doesn’t matter too much, as they make an instant impression purely based on their theme.

These slots are also usually very graphic-rich and are a true representation of whatever theme they are parodying. This means that great attention to detail has been paid and that every element of a title ties in with its theme.

There is little chance that you will come across anything as boring as a standard letter or number icon in these slots; however, if you do, it will have been decorated to fit the theme. Parody slots give designers free rein to be as creative as possible and many use this to their advantage. Animations and cinematic cut scenes or bonus rounds are also often added, especially if the game parodies a movie or TV series.

Cheeky bonuses and big wins

Parody slots are often very tongue in cheek or even a little cheeky. They capitalise on their theme and push it as far as they can, adding to the entertainment factor. Of course, the bonus rounds give even greater scope for building on the theme and you will often find games that are completely themed, taking elements of whatever has been parodied and building on them to create extra winning opportunities for players to take advantage of.

Developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, the aforementioned Aristocrat and Quickspin have all created parody slots that are real work of art. Some may even say they are more enjoyable than the real thing!

Capitalising on a connection

If you can remind players of something they love, make them feel comfortable or put them face to face with their favourite characters and a host of jackpot payouts, you are onto a winner. Parody slots have seen huge success online and on mobile, with their bright graphics, fun themes and funny storylines all part of their enormous success.

There is something extra special about instantly identifying with a theme or seeing something you love combined with a slots game. For many, this the best of both worlds, especially when you throw in an element of laughter. If you love humour that is clever, these are the perfect games for you.